JASMINER: (ETC) New crypto investment flashpoints

In 2022, the whole world seems to be in a state of chaos. The impact of the new crown epidemic alone is enough to make a strong mark in human history, as well as the recent riots caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war. The world is working hard to mitigate losses, and all walks of life are anxious to survive, but the cryptocurrency field is still booming.

There is a cryptocurrency that has shown extraordinary value prospects in crypto investment in 2022. It has a high market value in the digital currency market. As a fork of the second largest cryptocurrency, it also has a good reputation. It is Ethereum Classic (ETC).

On July 20, 2016, after the hard fork event, although the codes of ETH and ETC are almost identical, the monetary policies are moving in two completely different directions. ETC is more like a “dark horse”, which has been progressing and erupting in a low-key manner.

ETH currently has no upper limit and is in the stage of continuous issuance. And ETC has returned to the tradition of Austrian economics. The new monetary policy formulated in the way of Bitcoin will not exceed 230 million in total issuance, and will continue to reduce production.

Rare things are precious, and the limitation of the total issuance of digital assets will help to increase their value. With the expansion of the market, more and more people, more and more real enterprises, and more and more good products enter this field, which will inevitably lead to the appreciation of the digital asset.

ETH takes advantage of preconceptions to suppress ETC prices in the short term. But in the long run, since the supply of ETH is unlimited, a large amount of ETH entering the market over time will inevitably lead to oversupply in the market, and investors will inevitably choose rationality after going crazy. The preconceived advantages of ETH will gradually fade, the market will inevitably return to rationality, and the value of ETC will gradually be recognized by the market and users.

In terms of price, Barry Silbert, a leader in the digital currency industry and a digital currency group, also suggested on Twitter that the price of ETC will surpass that of Ethereum. All signs indicate that it is only a matter of time before ETC surpasses ETH.

Compared to ETH, the ETC network is also more secure. Because the developers of ETC said that they would not use the POS mechanism for mining like ETH, and still use the POW consensus algorithm.

The core of the blockchain is the consensus mechanism. The POW-based proof-of-work mechanism has been proven by the market to be the best system. Among the top ten cryptocurrencies by total market value, eight are based on the POW mechanism. For POW, miners can choose to mine or not mine at any time, while for POS, latecomers completely lose the opportunity to participate. ETC’s adoption of the POW mechanism will attract more miners to join, making any node connected to a dynamic network profitable and making the network more secure.

Compared with other mainstream currency mining, the operating cost and energy consumption of ETC mining are relatively low, but the mining profit has always been higher than that of other currencies, which means that as long as the right time to enter the market is seized, it is possible to obtain relatively low prices. big profit margins, It is possible to obtain a larger profit margin, and realize earning “after-sleep income” every day. Having an ASIC mining rig with faster processing efficiency and better performance will make it easier to obtain block rewards, and the mined ETC will be hoarded and sold in the future profit stage will also get a greater return. JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U-C server is one of the few mainstream ASIC miners on the world that supports the ETCHASH algorithm. It has a market-leading hash rate, up to 450MH/S±10%, and consumes only 240W±10%. JASMINER provides an ultimate “high hash rate, low power consumption” solution for those who want to mine in ETC to help them achieve their investment goals at a lower cost and faster.

Volatility is the main theme of the market, and learning to respect the market and dance with volatility is a compulsory course for every investor. Now, the mining companies in the first echelon are still investing hundreds of millions of funds to actively increase the ETC mining business. Obviously, they have fully prepared and responded to the future changes of Ethereum Classic.

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