Lexington Tree Experts Handles Emergency Tree Removal In the Middle of the Night to Open a Blocked Road

Lexington, Kentucky – When a tree on Joash’s landscape was forced to crack and fall across the road by a wind storm, the homeowner knew that he had to find a team to help him open the road. He went online to look for a company that could handle the emergency tree removal in the middle of the night – luckily for him, he found Lexington Tree Experts, which indicated that its emergency response team operates on a 24/7 basis.

“When the family called Lexington Tree Experts,” said Joash, “it was almost midnight. However, it’s like the company had someone in the office waiting for the call.”

“The call was received in the first ring,” added Joash. “The customer representative on the other end of the line was very polite and did not even seem annoyed that someone had called so late. She confirmed the address and wrote it down. Before hanging up, she confirmed that she would let the Lexington emergency tree service team know that someone needed help. She added that the team would be on the landscape in less than one hour.”

According to Joash, Lexington Tree Service Experts kept its word. The company’s Lexington tree removal team arrived on the emergency site 45 minutes after the call.

To learn more about Lexington Tree Experts, visit the company’s official website: https://www.treeservicelexington.net/.

“The company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Lexington worked quickly,” said Joash. “The team used its power cutting tools to slice up the tree. After slicing the tree into smaller pieces, the company had machines that helped lift the wood off the road.”

The homeowner reported that the company ground his tree stump and carried all the waste to the dumpsite. What’s more, the tree care company impressed the homeowner with a very affordable tree service price.

“The family was prepared to pay a high price for the emergency tree removal procedure,” said Joash. “This is because if the tree had been left on the landscape for the whole night, by morning, the family would have counted at least $10,000 in property damage losses. After all, a 150-foot white pine is capable of doing a lot of damage. What surprised the family is that Lexington Tree Experts charged a very affordable price even though the team had just worked through the night in cold weather.”

Reporters contacted the Lexington Tree Experts CEO to understand how the company handles complicated tree maintenance procedures. The reporters were curious to understand why the company operates on a 24/7 basis when it comes to emergencies.

“The company’s team of tree cutting professionals is always ready to help homeowners eliminate tree hazards in Lexington,” said the Lexington Tree Experts CEO. “This is why the company keeps its contact lines open on a 24/7 basis.”

“Responding to tree emergency requests in less than an hour ensures customers aren’t panicking and worrying that their trees will cause accidents or significant property damage,” added the CEO. “The company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Lexington understands that tree emergencies are generally unplanned. Homeowners rarely have money set aside for these procedures. This is why the emergency tree service team charges affordable prices despite working outside normal work hours.”

The reporters learned that Lexington Tree Experts is more than an emergency response company. The company also has a team of qualified professionals in Lexington that handles tree pruning and tree trimming. The company has also made a name for itself by saving trees from pests and diseases. Using its modern tree service tools, Lexington Tree Experts boasts the ability to handle complicated procedures quickly and easily.

Lexington Tree Experts office is located at 1604 Harrodsburg Rd, Lexington, KY 40504, United States. Homeowners, however, can contact the company via +1 859-710-6512 and sales@treeservicelexington.net

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