Polka Starter Pad A Launchpad which will Power Multichain Projects on Polkadot

Polkadotlabs is best known for bringing some of the foremost trusted projects within the crypto industry PDL’S upcoming project PSPad features industry pioneer multichain project launches.

The project is in seed round and accelerating towards its IDO, the dates of which are to be announced after the seed round closes. Here is a detailed study of the PSPad.

What is PSPad

PSPad will be the first deflationary launchpad for Polkadot, ecosystems. according to the website, it provides a unified crowdfunding platform for all things multichain, giving upcoming projects a way to bootstrap development, grow their user base, and fast-track adoption.

Who can launch on PSPad

PSPad will support the following chains Polygon, Binance, Solana, Ethereum, and Cardano. Parachain projects with promising visions are going to be prioritized over the project looking to host DApps.

Key highlights of PSPad

• PSPad is devoted to the Polkadot ecosystem, which is a framework for building third-generation blockchains. It’s a brand-new concept to the market, it’s preferred by many projects and developers for its interoperability. The ecosystem is growing fast. Substrate support DeFi, Smart Contracts, IoT, and Gaming projects, PSPad will have a diverse portfolio of projects.

• Substrate projects solve interoperability problems to a good extent in a very cross-chain way. So, it’s very easy for projects to attach to different blockchains within the ecosystem.

• Kusama and Polkadot projects harness the shared security of the relay chain. this offers them a sturdy base.

• PSPad has partnered with Polkadotlabs for accelerating the development process by utilising the PDL development funding program to maximise opportunities and exposure to masses for PSPad participants.

• As per the website, PSPad features a diligent vetting process that takes factors like team strength, development status, previous experience, and competitive advantage into consideration to onboard upcoming projects

$PSPad Token

$PSPad is the native token of the PSPad ecosystem. It is a deflationary project to sustain future growth. The main deflationary mechanisms of the platform include a 10% fee on all token sales (sell orders) and early unstaking fees of up to 25%. There will be no unstaking fees after 8 weeks of staking.

7.5% of the fees are rewarded to stakers and 2.5% are going to be burned forever.

According to the latest announcements, $PSPAD IDO is going to be launched in May Date TBA. It will be launched with an ultra-low initial market cap of $60000.IDO participants should complete whitelisting and stake $PSPAD a minimum of three hours before the IDO.


Launchpads are essential for the expansion of a rather new industry like blockchain. Polkadot labs long line-up of projects dedicated to multichain ecosystems features a reputation for introducing some valuable projects to the market. PSPad taps into Polkadot lab’s industry expertise and Polka Dot’s growing ecosystem to present a promising vision that’s worth keeping a watch on.

DISCLAIMER: This should not be taken as financial advice.

Company Websites: www.polkastarterpad.com, www.polkadotlabs.com

Company Email: support@polkastarterpad.com, info@polkadotlabs.io

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