Peace & Parenting: Los Angeles Parenting Coach Offers Deep Insight on Raising Children with New & Specialized Tools for All Ages

Peace & Parenting offers several tools that help parents to face the challenges of parenting. Michelle Kenney offers guidance and tools that help in building better connectivity and relationships between parents and children.

April 11, 2022 – Peace & Parenting is excited to introduce its revamped website with several brand new products that are certainly going to help in building a lasting parent/child relationship!

Parenting is not as easy as it might seem – I think we can all agree on that. But Michelle Kenney is here to help. She is best known as the Parenting Coach who aims to help parents face the challenges of raising children, without becoming the very thing they hated most about their own childhood. Through her Online Parenting Courses it is even easier today to build a relaxed household, a calm atmosphere, and a beautiful, peaceful connection between you and your children!

Peace & Parenting LA offers different alternatives to punishments, rewards and (ethical) bribes through a variety of different tools for different modalities. Their latest course “The Yelling Cure” is all about, you guessed it, How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids and raise them with patience and calmness, ensuring not only your own sanity, but their overall growth and happiness as well!

Parents of all ages find the Podcasts insightful and incredibly helpful in traversing the different parenting challenges that we face today, while demonstrating with real-world examples exactly how parents can overcome such difficulties. You can find the podcasts here at the following link – Parenting Podcasts.

Michelle has helped countless parents navigate the waters of personal depression, overwhelm and chaotic household environments through her weekly meetings or one on one coaching sessions.  Parents are welcome to join the Peace & Parenting community free of charge and they will receive encouraging emails each and every week to help them stay connected and motivated to be the best parent they can be.

Michelle has several happy clients who have effectively built good connections with their children. One of her happy clients mentions “I find myself slowing down and spending more quality time with my kids. Our whole family is so much more connected than we have been in a long-time!”

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About Peace & Parenting:

Michele Kenney, is the parenting coach, who has helped hundreds of people make meaningful connections. She has helped people struggling with problems related to sleep issues, fears, aggression, withdrawal and more. Through her newly revamped website, she hopes to make it easier for parents to make peaceful and meaningful connections with their children without having to yell or scream at them, turning ‘you’ the well-meaning parent, into the ‘bad guy’.

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