Eden Garden Jewelry advice on how to choose the perfect handcrafted engagement ring

The jewelry world is so diverse, and when it comes to choosing an engagement ring it’s so easy to get lost. Tips and tricks from a professional jeweler on how to find the engagement ring that she will love forever.


Eden Garden Jewelry is a fine jewelry brand, a family-owned business, known for its sculptural floral, botanical pieces, and unique nature-inspired engagement rings.

“Every day we speak to people looking for a perfect engagement ring”, said Tatiana, the founder of Eden Garden Jewelry. “Of course, for each person, the meaning of “perfect” varies a lot. But during the 10 years long path we’ve been creating unique engagement rings for people from all around the globe, we’ve invented the formula.”

First things first, it is needed to decide if the person wishes for the mass market ring or an individually created one and decide on the budget for this purchase.

When people think of engagement rings or wedding bands most of the time they imagine a simple ring, made of gold or another metal with a solitaire diamond or colored precious gemstone. However, jewelers and the jewelry industry have gone much further in the last decades. The market today offers a lot of designs and choices for all tastes and budgets.

There are a few easy-to-follow steps for shoppers to find the perfect engagement ring:

–  decide on the style – classic, modern, art-deco, art-nouveau, minimalist, or other.
–  research and find the store (physical or online)
–  choose the material (gold, silver, platinum, titanium, etc.)
–  decide on the gemstone and its size.

Gemstone for engagement rings

Choosing the gemstone also isn’t so easy sometimes. Recently there is an increasing demand for alexandrite rings, and it is no wonder. This color-changing gemstone is really very interesting. Also, there is a trend for man-made diamonds instead of natural, moissanite and lab-created sapphires. However, the choice should be 100% based on personal preferences and the daily style of an owner.  

Engagement rings materials

Gold is the most popular material for engagement rings. 14K, 18K, rose, yellow or white gold – all these options are available on the market. Rings should be well-designed, ergonomic, and comfortable to wear. Apart from that, it should be durable and strong enough. 

Even if the design is delicate it should have a proper thickness of the material. Try to avoid string-alike mass-market rings – these could bend easily or even be broken during your daily life. Brands with many years of experience and glowing reputations always keep this design/material balance. After 50 years the ring must be in the same perfect condition and appearance as today.


For anyone who is looking for a unique engagement ring, Eden Garden Jewelry is always happy to guide and create a piece of jewelry art, according to the demand, taste, and budget. 

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