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Luxx Auto Merch who helps drivers save money on car accessories and products, has said drivers can save money by fixing their windshield.

A one-stop shop for car accessories and products has said that drivers can save money by fixing their windshield at the roadside using Windshield Scratch Repair Liquid. Luxx Auto Merch ( who said they will not be beaten on price has said it is not just about the cost of having a windshield repaired, it is also about the time the vehicle is off the road.

When a vehicle has a chip in the windshield, Luxx Auto Merch has said the vehicle has to be booked in to be repaired. This could result in the car being off the road for 24 hours or more. Driving a car with a chip in the windshield could be dangerous and should be repaired straight away.

If a chip in a windshield is not repaired straight away, then it could be a danger to the driver and the passengers. The chip could expand which would result in the windshield having to be replaced. This could be expensive and could have been avoided if the windshield was repaired straight away.

The Windshield Scratch Repair Liquid ( which is priced at just $18.99 is easy to use and can save drivers money. By having the repair liquid in the vehicle at all times, it means if they do get a chip in their windshield then the driver can fix it straight away.

The repair liquid requires little or no experience and can take between 20 to 30 minutes for the windshield to be repaired. Since being launched, it has become one of the fastest-selling car repair tools and has gained huge exposure.

Luxx Auto Merch who are committed to helping consumers save money on car accessories and products has lots of car repair tools available. Their prices are so low that they recently challenged Amazon to try and match their prices.

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