Ecostella Launches New Product to Cut Residential Solar Costs

Ecostella Launches New Product to Cut Residential Solar Costs
Scottsdale-based provider of energy-efficient solutions for the residential solar industry, Ecostella, launches a new product to boost air conditioner efficiency and help US homeowners with solar reduce HVAC energy consumption by up to 30%

As rising costs impact the solar industry, Ecostella, Inc. is partnering with solar professionals and others around the U.S. to offer an energy-saving solution that makes solar more affordable. In a related development, the company under the leadership of solar industry veteran, Kenneth Parry, is offering homeowners the chance to use its energy efficiency control systems to control their air conditioning units more efficiently. The move marks the first time this technology will be available to residential solar consumers, offering a key opportunity for solar providers to deliver an additional service that unlocks more savings for their customers.

The use of solar panels has become increasingly popular over the years, helping households rely less on energy from the grid. However, solar arrays can be large and costly – especially if a home’s cooling system is inefficient and wastes energy. Heating and cooling account for 40-60% of average U.S. household energy costs. Households with solar may see most of the power they produce go to powering HVAC systems, especially in warmer months. Consequently, it has become imperative to ensure efficient utilization of energy, which is where Ecostella is looking to be of help.

Ecostella is an energy efficiency control system that is professionally installed in residential HVAC units to reduce energy waste. The device optimizes the HVAC fan to capture energy from the coil that would otherwise be wasted while also controlling the unit’s compressor to ensure it runs only when needed. Consequently, Ecostella significantly decreases the HVAC unit’s run-time and the amount of energy it needs to cool a home. Unlike other solutions relying on smart thermostats to manage HVAC energy consumption and can only be scheduled for certain times, Ecostella works from the inside of an air conditioner to ensure it always run more efficiently, which is especially beneficial during warmer months.

Ecostella turns your smart thermostat into a smarter thermostat,” said Ecostella President Kenneth Parry.

An independent study found that after installing Ecostella, households were able to reduce their yearly HVAC energy waste by 10-30% and saved an average of $328 annually, reiterating the commitment to prioritizing energy efficiency to cut solar and overall energy costs, with approximately 5-15% whole home reduction.

“Homeowners should reduce energy while they produce their own energy” Quoted by Kenneth Parry

The introduction of Ecostella is timely, considering the U.S. solar industry is facing supply shortages in 2022 and will not be able to keep up with residential consumer demands. Supply chain issues are also contributing to higher shipping and equipment costs, making solar an even bigger investment for homeowners. Consequently, solar companies need to find ways to be even more efficient.

Plug the hole in the gas tank before you buy cheaper gas,” said Ecostella President, Kenneth Parry. 

Homes that consume less energy will require fewer solar panels for power. For example, a homeowner may only need 43 solar panels to offset their energy consumption when they would have needed 40 solar panels to power an inefficient HVAC system. Therefore, homeowners who are installing solar pay lower upfront cost, making the technology and energy savings accessible to more households around the U.S.

Ecostella Inc. is also offering online and in-person certification programs to teach solar technicians how to install Ecostella systems and enable their customers to enjoy more energy savings.

For further information about Ecostella and how residential solar providers can benefit from offering Ecostella systems through the company’s preferred partner program, visit – Ecostella can also be found across social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.  

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