Salman Noman Reaches 5 Million Followers in 5 Months on YouTube

Salman Noman has reached more than 5 million subscribers in just 5 months. This is a dream for every creator on the web to learn a bit more about him and how he achieved this in such a short time.

Salman Noman was interviewed and shared how he has managed to achieve this success.

Shorts, the new YouTube format key for his strategy

Shorts are one of the most successful features that YouTube has launched recently. This new format covers videos under 60-seconds with vertical or square proportions and is being promoted widely around the platform.

Users enjoy watching content that they can consume fast, without putting too much time into it while having fun with it at the same time. That’s where Salman Noman has found an opportunity to reach engagement levels never seen before.

He completely changed the course of the channel leaving aside the old videos of around 10 to 15 minutes to release only Shorts. That doesn’t mean that the traditional formats don’t perform well, but for comedy-based content, a format closer to TikTok works better.

Building such a huge audience around Shorts requires publishing frequently to keep the momentum and stay in viewers’ routines. Some videos will indeed become more viral than others, but remaining a potential interest to the audience is always important. The potential reach will be higher with every new Short.

The Interview: Meeting Salman Noman

How did it feel to hive five million subscribers in five months? Do you have a message you’d like to send to all of your followers?

“I was stunned to see this kind of progress because no one has ever achieved that kind of milestone in five months in Pakistan so I am the first person to do that. My followers are my strength; because of them, I am who I am. They have made me who I am through their support and love and I am so thankful to them.”

What did you do before you became a superstar on YouTube?

“Before YouTube I used to sing songs at events, it was my dream to become a singer and I actually started YouTube because I wanted to gain an audience so they can hear my voice and my songs. I was actually studying abroad and then when I came back to Pakistan my sister encouraged me to start making videos.”

You have two songs released on your YouTube channel, how does it feel to share them with your millions of followers?

“It was an honor for me, I used to think if I release a song I might not even get 500 views because no one knows me, but now I have millions of followers and millions of views on my songs which makes me feel like I have achieved somethin.g”

You uplload YouTube Shorts to your channel that get millions of views, how hav Shorts helped you grow your audience? Why are YouTube shorts so good for you channel?

“Before YouTube, I used to make the same style of content short videos on TikTok. YouTube introduced Shorts which for me has no boundaries, it’s a worldwide app. YouTube helped me gain more audience around the globe and I got recognition because of my Shorts.”

Do you have any strategies for growing your audience? Have you noticed some content styles working better than others?

“Yes, surely with time I have learned that the audience and YouTube both asked for new material, something new and unique. New content types, new types of comedy and songs always helped me grow. I have to keep my content original, if I copy others or if I make something everybody else is making then I will stop getting views so the key to success is new material and being original.”

What’s your favorite part of making content on YouTube?

“My favorite part is when I make my comedy, I receive so positive comments that people enjoy it. People love me, support and care for me. Because of YouTube, I have gained a huge family who are happy because of me and I am happy because of them. My audience often comments and tells me that they are smiling because of the content that I created and that makes me so proud.”

And finally, what is next for you?

“I am ready to release my songs, I will start making short films to entertain people and I will keep making good and clean content for people. I have a lot of songs ready to release and I will start releasing them and I will try to make my country proud.”

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