S.R. Templar is reigniting the fantasy genre with his Flashworld series

The world of literary fantasy has always been somewhat of an up and down road. There have been lows where the mainstream readers barely acknowledge the category and then there have been years where its media presence seems to explode off the pages and digital screens. The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones all have seen immense popularity over the past few decades; first in print and then later, on the screen. S.R. Templar may have created another world people can immerse themselves in. 

The first book in the trilogy, Flashworld, is an exciting adventure that takes the reader on a journey through a new world full of surprising twists and turns. Where Flashworld differs from some of the contemporary fantasy books is the depth of the characters.


There are epic quests and themes of good versus evil baked into the genera, but the way the characters are developed and how they respond to these stimuli are what sets Flashworld apart. The people in the story are tangible and relatable despite the overwhelming odds and situations they face. Magic may touch the pages of the book, but realism is what grounds it.

S.R Templar has connected to what makes some of these books classics. Intrigue, imagination, and suspense set the stage but true human emotions are the foundation. It is only a matter of time before the mainstream readers find their next gem in Flashworld.

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