WeFit’s Professional Athlete And Coach Opens Access To Her Teachable Course And Fitness App To Help Thousands Of Clients

Coach Juliana Halloran Shares How The “Blood Type Diet” Has Changed Her Client’s Lives

WeFit’s Juliana Halloran is helping clients achieve a healthy lifestyle and their ideal body figure through a “Blood Type Diet.” This 12-week body transformation program is based on the rationale that each person’s blood type reacts differently to specific foods.

According to the celebrated nutritionist and fitness coach, the WeFit program helps people align the right food combination with their blood type to reduce inflammation and stress, optimize hormones, boost energy levels, and more.

Halloran further shares, “You will learn to take control of your cravings, feeling more balanced and energized throughout the day. You’ll discover how to nourish your body with the right food combinations to rebalance your body’s composition. You’ll even become a master of your metabolism and turn your body into a fat-burning machine!”

In the program, clients will get full access to a 55-video teachable course on the principles and practices of health, fitness, and nutrition. The course is sectioned into 7 pillars of health: nutrition, exercise, water, sleep, recovery, mindset, and supplements. They cut through all of the fluff and focus on pulling the levers that optimize for fast results. For an optimal e-learning experience, each video is broken down into 2-4 minutes.

Clients will also gain access to the WeFit app, which includes personalized meal plans, progressive exercise programs, workout instruction videos, and more. For information on the WeFit program details, visit http://wefit12.com/ or IG: @TheOfficialWefit

Be sure not to miss their famous “Baby Seal Guarantee”!

About WeFit

WeFit was co-founded by Juliana Halloran, a degree holder in Nutrition and Psychology and an International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) athlete and coach. Halloran has competed in more than 30 bikini body-building competitions and has worked with over 2000 clients as a professional fitness trainer and nutrition coach over the past 20 years.

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