Tzlili Laor, the mother who dreams of being a childhood memory designer, now with a new unique book and workshop

Tzlili Laor, the mother who dreams of being a childhood memory designer, now with a new unique book and workshop

Tzlili Laor, author of the book “The Mother Who Dreams of Being a Designer of Childhood Memories” and the leader of intriguing therapy workshops, is publishing a new book and workshop for parents of all colors of the rainbow.

“That moment, in my childhood home, my mother’s house. Full of children from the town, who all eat together, hug each other and have a place to express themselves. I actually felt uncomfortable when I see the crumbs of the cake they leave on the sofas, and mud stains on the floor, I decided I will not be like that.” Tzlili shared with us the most defining moment of her life, in a personal interview with the publisher, Netanel Semrik.

Tzlili defines her profession and being as a work of giving, like her late mother whose tombstone reads: “A woman who is full of love”, she followed her but in an attempt to improve and polish these positive and loving values.

The main message that she took from her late mother, was that whoever gives to others, must know how to give to himself as well. The best giving comes from a place of fullness and self-satisfaction, rather than emptiness and self-worthlessness. This is how Tzlili tells us and the world her unique and exciting story.

“The mother that I am, I only understood in recent years when I was exposed to a space of consciousness mindset. And there I learned that it is impossible to detach the mother that I am from who I am inside. And to make that connection, you have to find who I am inside. Connect with her, love her, accept her, give to her before he gives to others. “She shared with me the sounds of the excitement of another significant moment that made her a significant change in her life. A change in her parenting style and her personal attitude towards her children.

Tzlili is a certified therapist in the concept of Metaism – a practical philosophy of life that reflects the way the unconscious conducts our lives. This is our individual way of looking at what drives us, “behind the scenes.” The new workshop and book allow us all to observe and identify the unconscious patterns and make them aware.

The process that Tzlili went through is an interesting one, and she built herself to a level where she can and happily share with others the knowledge she has gained and guide participants in workshops and lectures and of course book readers, how to perform introspection as accurately as possible and raise these patterns to mind. That’s hidden of each and every one of us.

“I have always been involved in parenting, in motherhood. The first to reflect this for me, this perception, these are my children.” And these can be the children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren of each and every one who wants to expose them to a new way of thinking.

We asked the publisher of the Contento Now International Publishing House, Netanel Semrik, about the interview experience leading up to the new workshop based on the life and studies of Tzlili Laor, he told us: “This is an inspiring, optimistic young lady with a huge heart who can empower mothers, fathers, and grandparents. Thanks to a big heart, a wide smile, and an extraordinary set of tools.”

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