Leveraging the Great Resignation to Level Up Career

Human Resources Expert Roadmaps the Way

Los Angeles – June 09, 2022 – With the Covid pandemic in the rearview mirror, many workers have redshifted their perspective, changing job and careers in record numbers to whats now called America’s Great Resignation. According to CNBC, 44% of employees are job seekers. In January 2022, Edsmart reported that women were quitting at a rate of 4.9% in comparison to men at 3.36%. The trend continues upward for both genders month-over-month. Suddenly, thousands of jobs have opened up creating an opportunity for professionals to move up the corporate ladder or change career paths altogether. Yet with that opportunity remains one obstacle – fierce competition. Career specialist Lisa A. Holmes charts a roadmap to overcoming this hurdle in her book “Job Hunting. Now What: Keeping it Real in the Modern Career Search.”

Holmes shows the reader how to better understand the journey of the job search in the sea of available positions. Her book is a “how to” guide that goes step by step showing job seeker the way. According to Holmes, to land the desired job, candidates must implement her 12-step approach.

1. Assess the employment landscape

2. Show that their skills are the best fit for the jobs

3. Develop a smart search strategy

4. Demonstrate that they possess the mental agility for higher level jobs

5. Create a resume that is beloved by human resources managers

6. Seek a recruiter who knows the employment universe

7. Realize that all recruiters are not created equal

8. Network – don’t hide, get connected

9. Develop a career portfolio – the secret weapon the landing the perfect job

10. Implement the Holmes plan to nail the job interview

11. Perform the salary negotiation dance

12. Be great!

Having held job seminars in throughout the nation, in the age of Zoom, Holmes is now embarking on a media tour to share information with viewers and listeners. “Now is the time to strike while the iron is hot,” says Holmes. “As the Great Resignation wanes and potential job seekers come out in full force, it’s vital to create a resume that places you within the top of what could be thousands of others.” She goes on to say that “Job seekers must be savvy and knowledgeable to negotiate their best offer”.

As college graduation season approaches, graduates might take special note of the book’s approach to navigating the job market. Barnes & Noble sums it up saying, “Whether you are a college senior, or “downsized,” or in transition, or looking to get back into the job market, Lisa A. Holmes will help you overcome the stress associated with job hunting. You will better understand your current skills and gaps, develop a career strategy, and create the right résumé. Launch from there into practical networking techniques, negotiating with prospective employers, and understanding how to stay relevant in this evolving economy.” 

Holmes and the book have been hailed by such noteworthy publications as Money Magazine. In the article “8 Most Valuable Career Skills Right Now, According to HR Experts,” http://money.com/money/5492942/most-valuable-career-skills-now/, Holmes says, “Candidates will need to be emotionally intelligent — have a solid grasp of who they are and how those emotions can affect their leadership — as well as recognize and understand the emotions of others to effectively manage relationships.” According to Barnes & Noble, the book is a “soup-to-nuts” guide that will help you hone your hunting skills, land and keep your desired job in an ever-changing market. The book is available in the U.S. and worldwide.

Holmes is a St. Louis, MO native and resides in southern California. She holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the Lindenwood University. Presently, Holmes serves as Chief Business Strategist for Strategic Performance of Los Angeles. The book can be purchased at Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, Amazon and most independent booksellers.

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