G. Eric Miles highlights the socio-political circumstances during America’s turbulent times in “Our Journey: The Life and Times of You and Me as Seen Through the Eyes of Me to You”

In the book, G. Eric Miles tells readers how the situation and pressing issues faced by the world did not just suddenly appear. These modern challenges have resulted from the path on which people have been led.

Author G. Eric Miles’ highly rated book, “Our Journey: The Life and Times of You and Me as Seen Through the Eyes of Me to You,” which revolves around his observations on the progress and the challenges faced by the United States in the last six decades, is now available in leading digital stores globally. 

“Our Journey: The Life and Times of You and Me as Seen Through the Eyes of Me to You” contains poetry and commentary that talk about the unique experiences of author G. Eric Miles that everyone could also feel. The book presents both poems and socio-political challenges that America faced at the time. 

The book further scrutinizes people’s belief as a collective – something that has produced and perpetuated an inequity through 60 years covered in “Our Journey – The Life and Times of You and Me as seen through the eyes of me to you.”

G. Eric Miles himself digs deep into the idea that people have been following a false narrative designed for control and compliance – something that is based on fear and ignorance. The highly-rated book also looks at how those six decades paved the way for technology – which is the sole thing to progress and advance as humankind. 

G. Eric Miles aims to shed light on this complacent ideology while also highlighting that the answer can be as simple as changing one’s mind.

“The poetry in this collection examines the “matrix” we are all born into and how it co-ops us into a life and world that is not entirely ours…and in fact is not ‘ours’ at all. The book challenges everything we’ve ever been taught about ourselves and the potential within our grasp,” writes Miles.

G. Eric Miles, who was born and raised in America’s Capitol, was already immersed in issues about politics, democracy, and diplomacy at a tender age. 

He realized there was a vast world out there to discover. This brought him to travel and experience the world in the midst of America’s pressing times coupled with radical social changes in that period. 

G. Eric Miles’ experiences during the civil rights era, as well as the redefinition of social views that came after, formed the basis for his poetry and outlook on life, happiness, and the pursuit of equality in the United States and beyond. 

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