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A unique app-based system that puts the power of a Personal Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Therapist, and Functional Medicine Practitioner in the palm of your hand

A life-altering event convinced Dr. Michael Wild that a significant shift was necessary to make it much easier for people to truly help themselves get well and stay well. After losing his wife to cancer in her 40s, Dr. Wild devoted himself to studying the fundamental underlying reasons why people usually become ill in the first place, and discovered a common thread amongst the top 5 disease-based causes of death in America.

He discovered that Chronic Inflammation at the cellular level played a key role in the development of diseases such as heart attacks and strokes, diabetes, cancer of any kind, dementia, and even hundreds of autoimmune conditions such as hypothyroidism. Surprisingly, he also discovered that every one of these deadly conditions was considered lifestyle-related, or often caused by one’s own lifestyle choices. In fact, according to the CDC, 7 out of 10 deaths in America fall into this category. Learning this, Dr. Wild vowed then and there that he would commit to doing everything in his power to help as many people as possible make better lifestyle choices, so they too would not become just another sad statistic.

Dr. Wild knew that most people did not recognize what they were doing to contribute to the cause of these illnesses, nor did they realize the power they held in their own hands to prevent and often even reverse these conditions. He realized that most people would benefit greatly from a simple all-in-one tool to provide step-by-step nutritional guidance, personalzed exercise programs, stress support strategies, and even advanced lab testing and consultations if necessary to pinpoint the root causes of developing or existing chronic health problems. Most importantly, this same tool could also be used to finally correct these hidden causes, and even provide the technology do this from the comfort and ease of their own home.

He set forth on a mission to create such a valuable tool in a form that was affordable, easy to understand and use, and able to meet the needs of clients in varying stages of health-improvement support. Finally, Dr. Wild’s dream became a reality just this month with the launch of his newly released unique app-based system called offers 3 levels of service to meet each person where they are and help guide them to where they want to be. Each level of service provides Dr. Wild’s health metric tracking app completely free of charge, with multiple included and add-on options available so each person can get just the right amount of support for their individual needs.

Learn more at, and join Dr. Wild on his mission to help people stop sickness right where it starts, at the cellular level.

About Dr. Wild

Dr. Michael Wild is a veteran holistic physician with over 30 years experience, author of The Holistic Handbook for Optimal Health, and creator of the system. Learn more about Dr. Wild and his unique cellular healing approach at

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