Back to Love Again Released by Capucia Publishing

Back to Love Again Released by Capucia Publishing

Nicole Thibodeau, author of the new release “Back to Love Again – A Giver’s Guide to Reconnect with Your Inner Strength”
An Intimate Journey to Self-Love and Forgotten Inner Strength for Caregivers

July 7, 2022 – Capucia Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Back to Love Again – A Giver’s Guide to Reconnect with Your Inner Strength by author Nicole Thibodeau, offering insights by this first-time author on the lessons she’s learned to become a happier and healthier caregiver.

Caring for others is a noble calling yet those who are ‘givers’ more often than not care so much for others that they neglect to look after themselves.  Putting others first often leaves these givers feeling depleted, empty, and unfulfilled. Just as airlines instruct passengers to put their oxygen masks on before helping others, caregivers must also care for themselves first to be effective.

Thibodeau found herself in the givers’ rut until she decided to make a change. Her journey of healing old wounds and memories allowed her to answer the Divine call to her heart and she now shares her insights with her readers. Back to Love Again helps others learn how to set healthy boundaries, change their mindset for the better and discover their inner strength to help transform their lives to feel nurtured and empowered through self-love.

“About 10 years ago I received the intuitive message that I was to write a book and received only the title,” recounts author and Divine channeler, Nicole Thibodeau. “Two years later I began receiving titles for the chapters. Divine Mother was guiding me in this project, through (channel) guided meditations and Codes of Light. I was shown I was to help people on their journey back to love, for them to reconnect deeply to their sacred heart and their divinity.”

“I highly recommend this book to sensitive souls who’ve struggled on their journey to self-love because each chapter is like a mini-healing toward massive transformation!,” says Dr. Karen Kan, founder of the Academy of Light Medicine, and best-selling author of Sensitivity is Your Superpower.

Nicole Thibodeau is a natural caregiver who has worked with the dying and their families, guiding them gently through their last days with her intuition. She is known as The Oracle of Divine Transmission and mentors people through the different programs and tools she has channeled and developed. Her first book, Back to Love Again, is Divinely inspired and published by Capucia Publishing.

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