Wall to Main Investments Launches Self-Directed IRA Tax Calculator to Empower Investors

Wall to Main provides investments to stabilize and grow IRAs and 401k’s through commercial real estate

Josh Plave, CEO of Wall to Main Investments is proud to announce the development of an industry-changing tool that will empower Self-Directed IRA investors. Through the creation of its UBIT Calculator, Wall to Main is able to provide apartment investors with projected post-tax returns on all investment opportunities, eliminating much of the confusion surrounding the topic.

Investors with IRA, 401k, TSP & 403b funds are able to utilize Self-Directed IRAs & Solo 401k’s to invest in the high-growth apartment industry, also known as multifamily. Doing so allows leverage to be applied to retirement accounts, increasing the opportunity for greater returns.

Through this method, Self-Directed IRAs are subject to Unrelated Business Income Tax, known as UBIT. Until now, the impact of UBIT from deal to deal has been relatively unknown, leaving the question of how bad UBIT might be. With the creation of its UBIT Calculator, Wall to Main is now the only multifamily owner & operator who can calculate expected tax obligations prior to acquiring a property.

With this new level of clarity, Wall to Main enables investors to make more confident decisions, allowing for diversification of retirement accounts away from the stock market.

The multifamily sector is known as one of the most reliable, high-growth opportunities in commercial real estate. With limited supply nationwide and surging rental demand, the income generated from large apartment complexes is at an all-time high. Investing as a group in a multifamily property with Wall to Main allows for recurring, passive income. More information can be found at https://walltomain.com/.

About Wall to Main Investments

Wall to Main is a multifamily owner & operator focused on providing retirement-aligned investments for those seeking to move their retirement away from the stock market.

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