Turning Point Counselling Shares Top Tips for Beating Post-COVID Blues

Psychotherapist reveals most effective strategies to elevate mood, beat stress and depression, reduce anxiety, and promote greater happiness

Paul Lavergne, RP, is the founder of Turning Point Counselling and the Damage Control Protocol. Paul reveals the top tips that have helped his clients beat the post-pandemic blues and start feeling happier and healthier today.

First of all, get reacquainted with a sport or hobby and pick it back up, or start a new one! When a person’s brain is focussed on a productive activity that is directed towards a goal or desired outcome, it can elevate dopamine levels and sense of well-being and accomplishment. Playing a musical instrument or pursuing artistic interests can be incredibly rewarding.

Another effective strategy is to meet and connect with others in person. Everyone is tired of online meetings, zoom calls and texting – this is not “connection”. In person, face to face conversations can promote a sense of real connection and belonging. The last two years of social distancing have left people feeling isolated and alone – be the one to plan a BBQ or get together and start inviting people! Taking a genuine interest in others is an effective way to reduce stress and worry.

Another powerful technique for reducing negative emotion is writing for 15 minutes a day about an issue, situation, or memory that is troubling. This can reduce the power these situations have over your thoughts. Write in detail about the particular issue or problem, paying attention to the thoughts and feelings that come up. Sit with them, accept them, and then let them pass. Practice “detaching” from uncomfortable feelings that arise and avoid over-identifying with them. Doing this for a week leads to feeling less negative emotion about the situation.

A simple and effective strategy for reducing anxiety is to develop and intentional gratitude practice. It is impossible for gratitude and anxiety to co-exist in the same space. Take 5-10 minutes to write out, or reflect on the people, situations, relationships, opportunities and things in life that are worthy of gratitude and watch the anxiety melt away.

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