SG Financial Developing Robust Retirement Strategy Plans

SG Financial is an American company specializing in creating retirement plans that can withstand multiple market cycles.

SG Financial is an American company that offers custom retirement strategy plans that could outlive several market cycles by leveraging years of experience in the field and in-depth knowledge of the market.  

As quoted by the father of value investing Benjamin Graham, “the essence of investment management is the management of risks, not the management of returns.” If a retirement plan is to serve its purpose, the strategy should be built around the risk tolerance of the retiree; the portfolio should be diverse but not too spread out, and most importantly, its core structure needs to be future-proof.

While contemporary retirement planning agencies are still adapting to the new landscape reshaped by the pandemic and lockdowns, SG Financial is helmed by a team of forward-thinking industry leaders that have devoted themselves to creating long-lived retirement strategy plans that could endure the ebbs and flows of the new market. 

The SG Financial team is committed to helping the clients maintain a high standard of living in retirement through uncertain times by developing tailored plans for each customer. 

Wade Pfau, a distinguished professor of retirement income and co-director of the American College Center of Retirement Income had said that “when bonds are replaced with insurance-based risk-pooling assets, retirees can improve the odds of meeting their spending goals while also supporting more legacy at the end of life, especially in the event of a longer-than-average retirement.” 

A common strategy that many social security recipients face when working with portfolio managers is that they use equities and bonds to meet the risk tolerance objectives. However, this strategy may not be as well-suited for implementation given new circumstances in contemporary markets that are no longer as forgiving to portfolios leaning heavily on bonds. 

SG Financial’s experts are adamant about the fact that a 60/40 stock-bond portfolio, which is unjustifiably regarded as the golden standard, is not a sustainable solution for everyone:

“With everyone more aware of inflation, investors are figuring out what our college Dr. David “Doc” Eifrig warned about this time last year. Doc has consistently warned that the conventional 60/40 stock-bond portfolio was going to be in serious trouble given today’s environment.” 

The company’s experts elaborated on the topic, imparting that U.S. bonds “used to be called risk-free returns. These days, we’re calling them “return-free risk.” Low yields paired with stifling taxes and inflation do not represent fertile grounds for investment. These assets are almost guaranteed to lose the investors’ money over time. 

SG Financial’s representative accentuated the importance of understanding how bond-heavy portfolios are more of a hindrance than a help, stating the following:

“Let me say that again, and please pay attention to this: with 20% to 40% of your portfolio in bonds, I believe you will lose money over time. Yet, this is still the narrow strategy most financial planners would recommend to you.”

With years of experience and the vast knowledge of America’s finest retirement authorities, SG Financial’s experts help retirees build long-lasting confidence in individual finances at highly approachable rates. 

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