Dr. Princess C.H.E. launched a new therapeutic clinic to support individuals and families with achieving mental health needs, gaining stability, and self-sufficiency.

Tums Family Services is a newly established family counseling clinic developed by Dr. Princess Chinyere. Recently, the clinic introduced new services, including Intensive In-Home counseling, outpatient therapy, and applied behavior analysis services.

Tums Family Services is building better lives and communities with its exclusive counseling services, providing comprehensive yet individualized community-based services that improve the health and well-being of families. The recent development has introduced three new counseling services: namely, In-home counseling, outpatient therapy, and applied behavior analysis services. 

Tums Family Services Therapeutic programs are developed by the young Nigerian Professor – Dr. Princess Chinyere, and a team of clinicians. They have opened a mental health clinic in the United States of America to offer the following services:

  • To provide quality living skills training to identified families. 

  • To enable individuals and families with mental health conditions to achieve and maintain community stability and independence while creating accessible equitable paradigms for everyone. 

At TUMS Family Services, clients would receive behavioral therapy, outpatient therapy, intensive in-home, and crisis intervention for individuals in need of stability. Dr. Princess C.H.E stated that all families deserve an opportunity to succeed in society, regardless of their background or identity.

Dr. Princess C.H.E creates and develops tailored solutions to bring amplified results, using the best tools, strategies, and support to ensure success. She holds a Ph.D. in Leadership (Hons) from Liberty University Lynchburg, Virginia, a master’s degree in Leadership from Woodbury University Los Angeles, California, a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Benin, a Certificate in Communication from Harvard University, and an Executive Certificate in International Business from The School of Business, Virginia Commonwealth University.

The Chief Executive Officer of TUMS Family Services, – Dr. Princess C.H.E, is a professor of leadership, a mentor to leaders, and a featured leadership speaker at corporate, CIO, and academic events in the United States, Europe, and Africa. She has used her practical experience to provide executive education for numerous organizational leaders. In addition, she has coached executive leaders at leading institutions, including the police and government officials.

About the Chief Executive Officer of TUMS Family Services – Dr. Princess Chinyere

Dr. Princess C.H.E is recognized as an individual with extraordinary abilities in leadership in the United States. Federal regulations define “extraordinary ability” as a level of expertise indicating the individual is one of a small percentage who has risen to the very top of a particular field and received national and international acclaim. Moreover, in 2019, Dr. Princess Halliday developed six new leadership programs for Virginia State University College of Sociology and Criminal Justice; this would be the first time the department would have leadership courses integrated into its curriculum. Dr. Princess Halliday was chosen to speak at Virginia State University, mentoring leaders and using her experience and knowledge to help mentees learn new things, gain new skills, and provide guidance that helps them figure out what they want to accomplish and how to achieve it; helping mentees to feel seen, heard and a safe space to evolve.

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If you have a loved one diagnosed with a severe mental health condition, you may support them by helping them find ways to address their everyday needs through services that support their community engagement and independence. With this, you’ll be helping your loved ones maintain stability and learn functional skills that enable them to live independently and do extraordinary things. Visit Tums Family Services’ official website. 

The clinic is open to hiring more Licensed Mental Health Professionals, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Qualified Mental Health Professionals, Registered Behavioral Technicians, and Program Directors. 


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