Lexington Tree Experts Adds New Truck to Its Fleet of Tree Service Vehicles

Lexington, Kentucky – A company that has been handling clean-up after tree maintenance procedures, Lexington Tree Experts has invested in a new truck. While unveiling the new truck earlier today, the company’s CEO noted that it will aid in the after-service cleanup.

The company has been working hard to expand its team of tree maintenance professionals,” said the CEO. “Right now, the company has 3 teams. This means that the company can handle up to 3 tree maintenance procedures simultaneously.”

The CEO noted that while the company was boasting 3 tree maintenance teams, the teams needed additional gear so they could be fully independent of each other. The CEO noted that while the safety tools, power cutting tools, and machines like cranes and bucket trucks were available for the teams to use, the teams were still sharing waste collection trucks.

The sharing of waste collecting trucks was not ideal,” said the CEO. “It is not uncommon for the company to have all three teams working on different landscapes. What’s more, it is often common for the teams to be working on landscapes that are too far spread out. In such a scenario, collecting waste from all three landscapes before the team of tree care professionals leaves has always presented a major problem.”

The CEO noted that in such scenarios, his teams have to leave the waste on landscapes so that the truck can collect it the following day.

This has always created the idea that the company is incapable of handling a tree maintenance procedure to completion in a single day,” said the CEO. “It also created the idea that the company does not own all the tools needed to complete major procedures on the same day—this, in turn, lowered the trust that homeowners have about the company.”

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When customers start thinking that your company is incapable,” said the CEO, “they often start looking for a different company that is more likely capable than your team. This is one of the reasons why Lexington Tree Experts has lost some of its clients.”

The CEO noted that with the new truck, the company would be able to handle waste removal on two landscapes at the same time. He noted that the company was still working on getting a third truck. The CEO mentioned that his end goal is to ensure that each team has its truck.”

A reporter asked the CEO why the company had opted to purchase such a huge truck instead of going for a small truck. The reporter argued that if the company had gone for a smaller truck, purchasing two in one go would have been possible. The CEO was more than happy to respond to the reporter’s question.

Lexington Tree Experts is the go-to company for procedures involving some of the largest trees,” said the CEO. “For example, the company has removed trees over 300 feet tall in the past. One of the company’s goals is to ensure that waste is carried to the dumpsite in one go. While a smaller truck may be cheaper, it will make the company work pretty hard when it comes to moving the waste after handling a tree removal procedure involving huge trees.”

The CEO noted that the first truck was smaller and he also intends to purchase a smaller truck as the third waste collection tool. He noted that the one huge truck will be used when working on large trees while the smaller trucks will be ideal for smaller projects.

Lexington Tree Experts’ base of operation is located at 1604 Harrodsburg Rd, Lexington, KY 40504, United States. Homeowners can contact the company at +1 859-710-6512 and sales@treeservicelexington.net.

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