Author David Piper’s incisive book “Escaping Our Fallen Nature” urges readers to examine their ‘fallen nature’

In his book, “Escaping Our Fallen Nature,” Mr. Piper says that according to the scriptures, individuals were born with a duplicitous nature that has barred them from entering God’s promised land and which is also currently blocking them from discerning this truth.

Author David Piper takes readers on a journey in his book, “Escaping Our Fallen Nature.” From the enslavement of unbelievers caused by their corrupt nature to believers’ fully comprehending their new nature’s ability to set them free, even generating a power that will defeat their strongest temptations, Mr. Piper has demonstrated why it is incumbent of his readers, those who now are finally recognizing their fallen nature, to immediately ask Jesus to forgive them of their unbelief, giving God permission to transform them into new creations.

Because the scriptures declare that their hearts are not only evil but also full of deception, Mr. Piper challenges his readers to examine their hearts, urging them to acknowledge these truths that the way of gaining a new nature involves not their tedious efforts and careful attempts to win battles over their evil tendencies thinking it will win the Almighty’s favor, for that then is the definition of religion, but simply calling on Him to grant them His mercy – unmerited favor.

Mr. Piper tells his readers that lack of integrity not only can never be cured through religious beliefs and practices but neither can it be cured by making improvements through surroundings, treatment, or education. If they’ve neglected this truth, their hopes of escaping from their fallen nature, which continues to entangle their lives and block their way forward, has been in vain, thus leaving them with a sense of no further hope for redemption. Desiring to get free, Mr. Piper insists, means that they will trust Jesus to replace their old nature with His own new nature.

Mr. Piper says that the revelation of the “roots” within individuals signifies the very foundation on which they have built their lives. He writes: “As the fall of this tree following an ordinary weather event surprised its community, revealing that the roots beneath the surface had decayed, the minor turbulences in our own lives will often reveal that the foundation on which we have built our lives has severe deterioration just beneath the surface also.”

Falling on their faces and then recognizing how their hearts had deceived them, Mr. Piper points out, paves the way for his readers to look outside of themselves, to realize their need for change. He encourages them to test their hearts to discern if they already have within themselves a new nature, and if they do, to decide that from now on their new nature will be the one in control. 

Apart from discovering the lies that have hampered them from breaking free, Escaping Our Fallen Nature aims to encourage readers, who’ve already received Jesus into their lives, to fully appreciate the power generated by their new nature: to weather their storms, enable them to beat their temptations, to cause them to erupt with joy, and to boost their assurance of eternal life.

For more than two decades, Mr. Piper has been working as a prayer partner for the Crossroads TV program 100 Huntley Street. Before his stint with the TV program, he pastored churches in four provinces in Western Canada over an eleven-year period. Mr. Piper and his wife have a married son and two grandchildren.

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