Understanding the mental & emotional shift taking place at retirement, according to WMBURT ADVISORS

Financial planning is a significant part of preparing for life after work. However, WMBURT ADVISORS Wealth Management LLC, a US-based company, says emotional and mental planning is key to wading through this struggle.

While retiring can be a reward for decades of hard work, it can also fuel stress, anxiety, and depression. That’s why financial confidence in retirement is but one important element, according to WMBURT ADVISORS Wealth Management LLC, a financial services and planning firm based in the United States.

People are saving, accumulating, and growing their retirement reserves as they are able for 30 to 40 years. Unfortunately, a real and uncomfortable disconnect takes place many didn’t fully expect. They are now reversing their accounts’ growth process. 

“Despite being disciplined investors and savers, the markets that helped them grow their accounts are now reducing their account balances. They are stressed about finding options that can help them wade through this challenge while reaching long-term goals.” That’s where WMBURT ADVISORS Wealth Management LLC comes in,” says William R. Burt, the company president.

Burt Advisors Wealth Management LLC offers individualized applications for specific financial situations. Its team of experts creates hybrid solutions to help individuals prepare for and transition into retirement, navigating through the economic ups and downs that impact their financial future.

Savings tools that prepare individuals for retirement include a wide array of financial structures.  Those monetary resources create a complex web of choices that can blur their retirement focus. William says the team helps individuals coordinate the particulars of what they own and bring their financial plan into alignment with their goals.  

“Though we offer a wide range of financial products and services for both individuals and business owners, each specific life or business context drives our conversations. First and foremost, we work to understand them and their goals,” says William, emphasizing that the team works at the client’s pace, endeavoring to help each understand their now and their financial future.

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