Procolored Reshapes Print on Demand With Premium DTF Printer Products

Procolored is a China-based company specializing in retailing premium quality printer products and technologies. The brand recently released a new flagship, Dual Head DTF Pro A3 Transfer Printer.

Direct-to-film (DTF) printers have surpassed their DTG counterparts, offering a simpler, more affordable solution with consistent results. Procolored, a Chinese manufacturer of premier printers has graced the market with a brand-new cutting-edge model called Procolored A3 + DTF Printer. 

This printer is an improvement upon one of the best-selling DTF Printers on Amazon, bringing rapid printing speeds, dual printing heads, and the beloved powder-shaking & drying benefits as exquisite benefits unique to the Procolored A3 + DTF Printer. 

Procolored’s newest flagship printer now supports full A3+ printing size. As opposed to the standard A3 size of 30cm per page, the A3+ covers 33cm-large papers. Owners of the Procolored A3 + DTF Printer can use A3+ 13-inch transfer films on this machine. 

Procolored has been steadily building a reputation as a household name in the printing industry, boasting over 15 years in production and R&D, uncontested quality control, and unbeatable prices on all products, DTF Pro A3 included. 

According to the company’s spokesperson, DTF Printer technology can be of invaluable help to local POD services. The consistency of performance and fast printing speeds can enable print-on-demand companies to improve the quality of their services while operating larger workloads at the same time. 

The new Procolored A3 + DTF Printer sports a freshly polished appearance, featuring in-built ink tanks. Aside from being an aesthetic improvement, this freshly introduced feature was also meant to eliminate ink odor. 

The company’s spokesperson talked about the advantages Procolored A3 + DTF Printer offers in comparison to direct-to-garment and sublimation printing technologies, imparting the following:

“Procolored DTF Pro is a user-friendly dual printhead DTF printer that is capable of outputting industrial-grade print quality with an incredible printing speed. A DTF printing/direct to film printer prints on the film first, and then transfer the pattern to the garment. This printing technology is able to print on almost all kinds of fabric without any composition restriction and this makes up for the deficiencies of DTG printing and sublimation printing,” said Procolored’s spokesperson.  

Procolored’s new flagship printer is outfitted with a host of exquisite features. Its freshly polished appearance comprises three see-through windows, allowing the operator to observe the working status more conveniently. Having implemented the White Ink Circulation technology with Procolored A3 + DTF Printer, the firm has reinforced the defenses of internal hardware. 

As imparted by the company’s spokesperson, the user-friendly aspect of the Procolored A3 + DTF Printer was meant to enable newcomers in the POD industry. The main difference between this printer and the majority of contemporary alternatives is that “it requires no pretreatment process, offering simple printing steps that even users with no printing experience can learn and handle.”

By leveraging Procolored’s printer and the many technologies it is supplied with, emerging print-on-demand brands have an opportunity to deliver premium products and services without having to spend fortunes on equipment.

Procolored has unlocked the full potential of DTF printing with its newest printer model. This product facilitates automatic cleaning, a true color printing experience with variable ink, minimum ink consumption, and superior printing quality in the highest resolutions possible.

Procolored offers a 180-day warranty on the print head, starting from the day of the purchase. Additionally, the company provides a flight case package, reducing the overall weight of the Procolored A3 + DTF Printer and its shipping costs. 

Another important benefit that separates this printer from Procolored’s older models is that it comes supplied with Procolored’s proprietary MainTop RIP printing software. Designed and developed by Procolored’s experts, this free feature allows users to work on multiple designs simultaneously. 

The new Procolored A3 + DTF Printer is available on the company’s official website. More information about Procolored is available on

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