Reach announces Largest Live Cardano Metaverse

Cincinnati, Ohio – September 6th, 2022 – Reach announces the largest Cardano Metaverse; Reach Cloud is a platform to build, host, and connect metaspaces making up the metaverse and is powered by the Cardano blockchain. Reach supports cross-platform users on browser, PC,VR, and mobile.Reach Metaverse Trailer.

In world builder and multiplayer support demonstration on Reach Explorer app

Delivering on Promises

Making promises to be delivered many months to years down the road has become all too common with NFT and especially metaverse projects. Reach will be the largest live explorable Cardano Metaverse as of September 30th. There will be 25,000+ Acres to explore on the Reach Explorer application with support for VR and mobile experiences coming soon.

The first users who will be able to access their personal land plots will be the owners of the existing Reach Condos on September 30th with whitelisters gaining access to their land on October 4th and public access on October 7th.

Owners of land plots can customize their land and be able to to build custom private spaces with Reach’s builder on browser or in the app additionally they will be able to upload these spaces to their land.

Reach 2 makes this possible

The recent developments of the second iteration of the Reach SDK is what has made developing such a large metaverse in such a short period of time. Improved functionality further empowers creators metaverse building capabilities and carries over to a better user experience at run time for worlds accessible on the Reach Explorer and the browser application. Reach is available for the public to try their hand at cross-platform metaverse creation and you can get the SDK here:

About Reach:

Reach Metaverse is a platform to build, host, and connect metaspaces making up the metaverse and is powered by the Cardano blockchain. Reach gives the capability to users to create metaspaces for many functional tasks and most importantly makes the spaces easily accessible for users across platforms. Currently, multiple corporate partners use this functionality in different ways that suit their needs. While one client built a conference hall for seminars and training across the world, another built metaspaces that are being used to treat various brain injuries. Reach is also a part of the Genius X Cardano launch pad and a member of the world’s first multi-token ISPO. Interested in developing in the metaverse? Contact Reach at the “Get in Touch” section of our website.

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