Car Accident Lawyer In New Jersey Expands Contact Hours

The Judd Shaw Injury Law team is available for victims of accidents and injuries 24/7. Consultation with an attorney early on makes the claim process go more effectively.

Judd Shaw Injury Law is pleased to announce that the attorneys are available to represent clients who have been injured in a broad range of accidents. As a car accident lawyer, the firm has the knowledge and experience to guide clients in the necessary steps and actions to recover compensation to cover damages to persons and property caused by the accident. Car accidents injure more than four million people in the United States each year. Auto accident lawyers can help to alleviate some of the financial burden caused by an accident. 

It is important to take action soon after the accident if a documented case is to be built. A consultation with Judd Shaw Injury Law will help to determine what actions need to be taken and how to create a solid case for future reference. It is important to contact the authorities, speak only to the officers, record everything, get a medical evaluation, and contact a car accident attorney. 

There can be many things that would cause an automobile accident. The two most common types are rear-ended collisions and angle accidents. Rear-end collisions are usually caused by tailgating. Angle accidents have various reasons for their occurrence. The at-fault driver may change lanes improperly or without signaling, fail to yield or stop for a red light, run a yellow light, and turn in and out of traffic. These types of accidents can have contributing factors, such as driving under the influence or sometimes mechanical failure. 

Car accident injuries usually fall into two types of injuries: impact and penetrating. Some of the common injuries are to the bones, spinal cord, brain, and muscle strains and sprains. Chest injuries are common when there is a forceful impact. The injury lawyers have the necessary knowledge to seek appropriate compensation for each of these injury types. 

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Judd Shaw Injury Law provides representation to victims of car accidents and other personal injury events. The firm is available to answer questions 24/7.

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