Bibbelbubs is Making Life Easier For Christian Parents

Bible Story Bath Bombs for Kids

Bibbelbubs is a new brand that makes bath time fun, easy, and biblical. Each bath bomb contains a toy inside that correlates with a specific story from the included bible story book. Bibbelbubs introduces kids to the Bible in an interactive way that is easy for parents to integrate into their child’s night time routine.

Bubbee the Bear introduces each chapter before going into a traditional bible story. Every story ends with a moral takeaway that is connected to the toy so your kid can easily remember what they learned. Bibbelbubs also offers a Bubbee the Bear stuffed animal that has a secret zipper pouch for kids to keep their new bath bomb toys.

Christian parents all over the country are making their life easier and getting their kids excited to read bible stories by using Bibbelbubs Bible story bath bombs.

Bibbelbubs was created by Justin Wright. He is a Christian dad of three, and was tired of convincing his kids to take baths and read bible stories. After trying out bath bombs and seeing his kids start to ask for bath time, he came up with the idea to combine bath bombs and bible stories so they would be begging for both.

Looking to make bath time fun, easy, biblical? Order a set today.

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