UK’s biggest urban social media page, ITSALLMAAD, shares a blueprint for individual and brand success on social media.

ItsAllMaad is a social media page on Instagram with 2.2 million followers that shares viral content and news. The brand leverages data and unique promotion strategies to deliver the client’s message to their audience.

Social media has become a powerful marketing tool for brands, facilitating the connection between businesses and their audiences. Billions of people use social media every day, which gives people a lot of access to an untapped audience. Despite the average person spending more than two hours every day online, many brands are still struggling to establish connections and build a loyal following.

ItsAllMaad is one of the renowned brands under the ‘Its All’ parent brand. Its All has established itself with leading urban social media pages recognized across the UK. The brands under Its All, ItsAllMaad, ItsAllLeaked, and ItsAllGirlyy have amassed a collective 3.5+ million followers on social media with over 200 million impressions across ItsAllMaad brands every month.

Visibility is the key pillar for brands on social media. It is supported by brand awareness, engagement, and conversion, and they all work together to create successful brands on social media. According to ItsAllMaad CEO Kamel Ahmed, better known as Kay, most brands focus on one pillar and neglect the others, which leads to an imbalance. ItsAllMaad works with artists, record labels, global brands, businesses, and more to help them cut through the noise, reach their audience, prompt engagement, and guarantee conversions.

ItsAllMaad shares that the secret to social media success is utilizing data and implementing unique promotion strategies. ItsAllMaad records one of the highest engagement rates on social media, which has been instrumental in helping clients promote their brands and get meaningful conversions that drive their business forward. Working with many renowned artists, record labels, and global businesses has helped ItsAllMaad diversify its portfolio and test its strategy across audiences to guarantee its success.

For data, the team at ItsAllMaad utilizes key metrics, impressions, audience behaviors, engagement, audience retention, and more to gauge content performance and what different audiences prefer. With this data, ItsAllMaad develops the best promotion strategy to get the message to the intended audience. 

ItsAllMaad’s unique promotion strategies capitalize on audience interaction. Brand content is transformed into a ‘meme’ style that resonates with more people. Relatable content attracts more audience interaction with promoted content. 

To accomplish any client’s objectives, ItsAllMaad utilizes a collaborative approach. The team will first understand the client’s needs and then work on strategies to meet these needs. Working with ItsAllMaad guarantees results and the best return on investment for clients. The team takes charge of content promotion from creating the content, the caption for the content, determining the best posting times to push the content, and more. This carefully crafted strategy lets clients get the most out of their social media marketing.

With digital marketing expenditures hitting new highs so often, it is important that businesses see results. Social media marketing is expected to continue its growth trajectory, and for businesses to achieve their goals, they need to find the visibility, engagement, and content, sweet spot. ItsAllMaad is the brand that helps clients chart a straightforward path to success through social media content promotion.

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