TIGERMK is Now Available on NFT Collection Projects, Soon to be Listed on OpenSea

TIGERMK is one of the freshest American NFT projects designed and launched by NFT Collection Projects. The company’s spokesperson divulged that TIGERMK will soon be listed on the OpenSea marketplace.

The non-fungible token craze is engulfing the world, as the popularity of digital art reaches its all-time high. Unlike virtual pictures and animations, NFTs have real-life utility and can be perceived as highly lucrative investments. 

Dozens of new crypto and NFT projects are being launched daily, giving beginners in crypto more options to choose from. TIGERMK is one of the most promising new NFT projects created to provide its community members with unparalleled value. To achieve this, TIGERMK’s creators have ensured the TIGERMK token possesses outstanding utility that can be used in NFT drops, contests, tournaments, swapping, trading, and more. 

Currently, the main non-fungible token character designed by TIGERMK is the hip tiger colored in flamboyant pink and magenta colors donning a black and gray scarf and sweater. The TIGERMK project will reveal its full TIGERMK NFT Collection after the minting phase.

The TIGERMK project was launched by the NFT Collection Projects company, which is a community-driven crypto firm dedicated to releasing and showcasing the best, most exquisite NFTs for its members. 

TIGERMK’s digital artists and designers have committed themselves to create the most gorgeous artwork that could compete with the latest contemporary NFT art. As the project grows, more and more artists are welcomed under its banner and are contributing fresh ideas to its think-thank.  

While many emerging crypto projects are laser-focused on aesthetic elements of their NFTs, trying to draw masses with exciting graphics while offering minimal real-world benefits to the holders, TIGERMK’s spokesperson imparted that this project wants to cater to the needs of its community in the long run. 

To achieve this, TIGERMK built its non-fungible tokens with utility in mind. All TIGERMK characters and metadata are unique, and the same will apply to all future additions to the TIGERMK collection. 

Furthermore, this token will enable its holders to participate in various contests, tournaments, and giveaways with ETH, NFTs, and proprietary TIGERMK merchandise being the main prizes. The project will also schedule regular free NFT drops for the most devoted members of its rapidly-growing community. 

TIGERMK has come a long way since its launch and has hit numerous milestones in recent weeks. Its support groups are now more active than ever on Twitter and Telegram, embracing new members and helping them set up their TIGERMK profiles and connecting their wallets. 

A brand-new TIGERMK website is underway, and according to the project’s spokesperson, the bulk of the design tasks are already finished. 

The project is currently laser-focused on the upcoming minting event, after which the TIGERMK NFT Collection will officially be revealed and listed on Opensea. Regarding its future, TIGERMK plans to commit to further ecosystem development and design new merchandise before proceeding to the third phase of the project.

More information about TIGERMK is available on NFT Collection Projects’ official website.

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