Mental Health Pioneer – Positive Presence Global – Provides Needed Support to Teens Nationally

Model-turned-entrepreneur and mental health advocate – Michelle Marie King – empowers the next generation to feel confident, positive, and inspired.

Teens and young adults have become overwhelmed by the expectations placed upon them by their school, parents, teachers, community, and most of all… by themselves. In today’s society, being a teen or young adult is a challenging, volatile experience that can lead to unprocessed trauma, defeat, and negativity. Teens and young adults need and deserve mental health support to help heal and grow into confident, resilient adults that positively contribute to the world around them.

Michelle Marie King, a mental health advocate, vows to help teens cope with everyday struggles and stressors while inspiring them to see the world in a positive light. Michelle, a mother herself, founded Positive Presence Global to help the next generation find peace and optimism about their purpose, passion, and future. Positive Presence Global, with almost a decade of experience, has become a personal development trailblazer offering 1+1 virtual life-coaching services, immersive life-changing retreats, modern e-learning programs, goal-setting workbooks and planners, a podcast, positive apparel, and other tangible assets designed to make personal development fun, easy and accessible for every teenager and young adult.

Michelle, a philanthropic leader, innovative entrepreneur, and captivating public speaker, has worked in the positivity activist space since 2002. She became interested in learning more about mental health when she herself experienced depression and an eating disorder as a young adult in the modeling and pageant industry. Realizing how permeating her trauma had been on her own mental health, she began healing by sharing her experience with younger versions of herself – upcoming models and pageant stars. As she helped others heal their trauma and grow their self-confidence, she found her purpose in helping the next generation. Michelle began focusing her time working toward finding a way to share the light and positivity she learned through years of self-work and reflection.

Through her connections with hundreds of teenagers and young adults, she discovered that today’s generation is still fighting the same battle with mental health as she did decades earlier. In her new-found mission to repair and reshape the pathway to adulthood, she began to create what was missing – a positive, non-judgmental, safe space for teenagers to heal their trauma and build a confident, positive, and strong self-image. Michelle’s solution has become the new rite of passage for the next generation into adulthood, proactively preparing them to positively show up for any obstacle ahead.

“Life coaching for teenagers and young adults is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity for the next generation,” said the Positive Presence Global Founder and CEO. “Like car insurance on their first car, parents can no longer afford to go without this type of protection and support for their children. We cannot make the world easier for them, but we can absolutely provide them with the tools, resources, support, and know-how to navigate it,” added the premier confidence coach.

In 2015, Michelle created her nationally acclaimed mentor-coaching program and copyrighted the S.E.L.F. curriculum. Since then, she and her team have helped more than 5,000 families nationwide and coached over 100,000 hours. At present, Michelle is working to earn additional coaching certificates, including a certificate in the Science of Well-Being from Yale University. She plans on expanding Positive Presence Global to have a wider reach across the globe ultimately with the monumental mission of eradicating teenage suicide globally by 2035. She and her team are set to launch an online store, a self-guided personal development app, and multiple wellness retreats in 2023.

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About Positive Presence Global

Positive Presence Global is a life-coaching company that provides personal development tools, resources, and services for teens and young adults. It offers virtual 1+1 life coaching services, immersive life-changing in-person retreats, a self-development e-learning program, goal-setting workbooks and planners, a podcast, positive apparel, and other tangible offerings designed to make personal development fun, easy, and accessible to everyone. As the only life-coaching company that offers complimentary 24/7 virtual, private, confidential access between their mentees and their coaches, Positive Presence Global has impacted over 5,000 families nationwide and coached over 100,000 hours since 2015.

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