Profitable Custom AI User-Friendly Website Development Services Plus Other Digital Media Technologies Now Being Made Available for a Wide Range of Client Applications: CENBF

  • Dedicated WordPresto Service for Website Development Achieves Commercial Launch. 
  • Customized Web Design Utilizing WordPress as the Core Content Management System as its Web Platform.
  • Interactive Design Technologies and Services Coupled with Affordable Ongoing Support and Maintenance.
  • Website Package Includes Image and Software Licensing, Professional Design and Development, Updates and Security Patches, Enterprise Hosting, Project Management, and More.  
  • Packages Come Included with One Hour of Design or Development Team Time Per Month for Making Website Changes at No Additional Cost. 

CEN Biotech, Inc. (OTCQB: CENBF) is a global holding company based in Ontario, Canada focused on the development of leading-edge digital media technologies with artificial intelligence, LED lighting, and other high-value ventures. 

On September 7th CENBF announced that the company had been uplisted to the OTCQB Venture Market tier after a diligent period of completing all required financial audits and corporate re-structuring. For this painstaking process, CENBF signed on the highly regarded auditing firm Olayinka Oyebola & Company of Houston, TX, and Securities Counsel Anthony L.G. PLLC of West Pam Beach, FL. 

CENBF has an attractive share structure with only about 62 million shares outstanding making this a lean stock that can climb easily as buying pressure comes in.   In conjunction with its new business plans, CENBF has begun the process of seeking to complete a company name change that will be appropriate to its forward-looking objectives. CENBF management intends to focus mainly on the digital media and technology space with the launch of technology products, beginning at this time. 

Pending Launch of WordPresto

 CENBF has announced the planned launch of its newest technology product, WordPresto ( was set for September 28, 2022. This launch event was also set up to be broadcast on both Facebook Live and YouTube live to highlight WordPresto’s capabilities aiming to revolutionize the web design market and to address the needs for scalable and affordable web design.

WordPresto from CENBF is both a product and service that seeks to provide people with a customized web design experience that utilizes WordPress as the core content management system as its web platform. WordPresto aims to provide interactive and customized web design technologies and services coupled with affordable ongoing support and maintenance. The CENBF team aims to work from the ground up to quickly and affordably create an eloquent website that gives users a custom look and feel. With WordPresto, all users need to do is communicate their needs, provide ongoing feedback and let CENBF experts do the rest. It starts with selecting a website package that best suits the user’s needs based on the industry, overall goals and objectives, and other marketing efforts that are in place. Each website package includes image and software licensing, professional design and development, updates and security patches, enterprise hosting, project management, and ongoing support and maintenance.

The launch event was hosted by Larry Lehoux, the CENBF President, and Chief Technology Officer, who states “WordPresto is the first scheduled launch of a new line of products which are in the process of being developed by CENBF. We are very excited to bring forth and continue seeking to develop leading consumer and business-focused products that utilize Artificial Intelligence-based technologies designed to make website development and maintenance more efficient and affordable. CENBF has fully embraced the power of Artificial Intelligence and intends to design a series of products and services that utilize A.I. technologies to make everyday life easier, more efficient informative, and entertaining.”

From the CENBF WordPresto Website, Users Can Select Custom Options 

An Hour of Maintenance

All of CENBF website hosting packages come included with one hour of design or development time. This means that users have an hour per month of CENBF team’s time to make changes to their website at no additional cost.  For example, this could be something like changing images and text or updating a contact form. Priority development time is based on the subscription type.

Core Plugin Licensing and Updates

If the user’s website is using a Core Plugin they will never have to worry about it expiring. CENBF offers Core Plugin Licensing and Updates so that users can keep your plugin up-to-date and functional.

Image Licensing

When users need a high-quality image for their website, CENBF saves them tons of money. CENBF offers a large library of images that can be used on your website, and licensing is included.

Add-on Services 

Upgrade to user’s websites or online presence with any of the CENBF available add-ons.

Enhanced SEO

With the enhanced SEO offering, CENBF will do all the legwork on the backend, so the user’s new website comes complete with all on-site SEO elements completed and optimized for your business and location. This will significantly increase users’ chances of ranking higher on Google.

Website Text Content

Writing website text can be a lengthy and tedious process. CENBF marketing experts write the user’s text for them. With just a few basic details the CENBF team puts together highly optimized text, which saves users time and streamlines their website for more phone calls and form fills.

Additional Storage

For hosting large files, or doing any sort of data sharing, users may require more storage than the average website. CENBF has made this an easy add-on for our customers who require something beyond what’s included in a standard website storage setup.

Custom Built Solutions

WordPresto does it all.  Custom things that fall outside of standard offering include:

  • eCommerce websites
  • Custom plugin development
  • Large enterprise websites
  • Third-party website integrations (CMS, databases, etc.)

DISCLAIMER: This article is purely for informational purposes and is not a recommendation in any way for buying or selling stocks.

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