AGON is back with a new studio single: FIGHTER

A new song from a new artist, who inspires and energizes his audience with every new song he releases.

Agon is a rap artist, who creates music that defies the usual stereotypes of the genre and all the cliches people seem to expect from hip-hop. In short, Agon is not the type of rapper who you’ll find talking about bling or fame – he has a much deeper goal with his music. Instead of just entertaining the audience, he actually wants to inspire people to live their lives in the moment, to be more confident and proactive in making their dreams come true. Sometimes, we need to put up a fight to simply get what we want or deserve. This is what Agon’s most recent single, “Fighter”, is all about. The song is a powerful anthem to those that keep fighting and never giving up in life, no matter what kind of obstacle they might be facing.

“This blood, this sweat, this pain, these tears

This joy of victory, this is why we face our fears

Your strength, your skills, the time that you put in

The fight is never over till you win”

The above quote is a perfect manifesto to symbolize this song and to share a very powerful mantra, encouraging people to really believe in their strength.  One must be confident in their skills and always remember that the fight is never over until they win! It might not be easy, but it is always going to be worth it in the end.

This song is also relating to anyone involved in the world of boxing and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). This would be a perfect song to work out and get in the right frame of mind.

Musically, this track really hits the mark with a great production and unique vibes. Agon’s vocals are especially outstanding on this track. The sound of the vocals is melodic, but also raw as Agon puts a lot of energy into his delivery. In addition to that, the effects on the vocal parts are implemented with exquisite taste. For example, there is an echo sound on some of the vocal parts, making the music stand out.

The song immediately showcases some incredible production quality. Agon slashes right through the mix with his fantastic performance, immediately making an impact with so much charisma and personality. This track is a perfect introduction to his creativity, and this song is most definitely going to be something for you to consider, if you are a fan of modern hip-hop with a hard-hitting punch. “Fighter” is yet another fantastic milestone for Agon, who is here to stay and continue releasing wonderful music in the rap genre. Don’t sleep on this unique new release!

The beat is as powerful as you would expect from a song named “Fighter”, and essentially from anything that Agon has released thus far! It’s that unique blend of modern hip-hop and melodic vibes, which adds yet another layer of depth and texture to the song. “Fighter” is an example of how Agon continues to progress as an artist, always looking for new ways to express himself and share his message with the audience; he connects with people in a way that goes beyond a pretty chorus or a banging beat. What makes Agon’s music special is his commitment to passion. He is extremely invested in the emotions that drive his music and create a real bond with the audience, one song at a time. Every single time he puts out a new release, it is something special for fans to look forward to. Anything is possible with an open mind and a will to make music that’s dedicated to breaking the usual boundaries and setting the bar higher with every release.

Agon’s music is highly recommended to any listeners who like artists such as Eminem, Kanye West, Juice WRLD, Eminem, and Future. Much like those artists, Agon stands out due to a very personal approach to songwriting and a unique production, which sounds incredibly rewarding and enjoyable from the moment you hit the play button.

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