CD BioGlyco Established a Glycoproteomics Platform for Characterization of Glycosylation in Drugs

CD BioGlyco is pleased to establish a glycoproteomics platform to help its customers analyze the glycosylation of antibody drugs and protein drugs.

New York, USA – November 23, 2022 – CD BioGlyco, a leader in the field of glycosylation characterization, is pleased to establish a glycoproteomics platform to help its customers analyze the glycosylation of antibody drugs and protein drugs.

Glycosylation is a common post-translational modification (PTM) in biopharmaceuticals, which has a significant impact on the immunogenicity, solubility and serum half-life of drugs and affects their efficacy and clinical safety. Due to the complexity and heterogeneity of glycoproteins, analysis of glycosylation in biopharmaceuticals presents challenges. To overcome the challenge of pharmaceutical glycosylation analysis, the biopharmaceutical industry is implementing new technologies to optimize the characterization of drugs.

Many recombinant drugs are glycoproteins, such as monoclonal antibodies, and their biological activity is closely related to glycan glycoforms. Harmful immune responses may occur when glycan glycoforms are incorrect. The importance of glycobiology has been recognized, and an increasing number of glycation-related drugs are gradually moving to the market.

To help customers explore the close relationship between glycosylation modification and precision medicine, CD BioGlyco has established an advanced and unique technology platform to perform comprehensive glycosylation analysis of biopharmaceuticals.

Characterization of Glycosylation in Antibody Drugs

CD BioGlyco provides customers with antibody drug characterization services, including glycan analysis, glycopeptide analysis, and glycoprotein analysis.

Characterization of Glycosylation in Protein Drugs

CD BioGlyco provides protein drug characterization services through gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS), capillary electrophoresis (CE), etc.

Characterization of Glycosylation in Fc-Fusion Protein Drugs

CD BioGlyco provides customers with intact protein and subunit level analysis, intact glycopeptide analysis, glycan analysis, and sialic acid analysis services.

“We are pleased for the establishment of this powerful platform to help you all better understand the drug structure and function. Our high-quality, cost-effective, and hassle-free services might be a suitable solution for the glycosylation of drugs.” Said Anna, one of the representative speakers from CD BioGlyco.

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