Barita Investments’ Progressive Strategies Propels It to Become the Leading Investment Firm in Jamaica

Barita Investments' Progressive Strategies Propels It to Become the Leading Investment Firm in Jamaica

In past decades, people have been very reliant on the income they get from their day jobs to afford their wants and needs. However, this setup is no longer feasible, especially in recent years, as inflation rapidly skyrockets and the economy continues to decline. As such, many are looking for ways to augment their revenue and ensure they can maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Cognizant of this, Barita Investments seeks to help as many individuals leverage their finances through investments. 

The enterprise is a full-service investment bank in Kingston, Jamaica, specializing in Asset Management, Corporate Finance, Brokerage, Wealth Management, and Alternative Investments. Aside from having a comprehensive list of financial solutions, the venture is known for its stellar dedication to its clientele. As a result, it has established itself as the largest investment bank by market capitalization in the financial services sector.

As a testament to its unrivaled success, Barita Investments showed impressive numbers when it was audited on September 30, 2021. Its assets under management were valued at $2.1 billion, and its market capitalization was at $901.3 million. In addition, it has total assets of $616 million, while its net profit is $27.7 million. Finally, its net operating revenue is valued at $55.4 million.

In 2018, the brand started to scale its dominance even further after Cornerstone Investment Holdings acquired the majority of its shares. On top of that, the addition of Paul Simpson, a young investment banker and renowned industry authority with more than 13 years of experience, has effectively boosted the company and allowed it to expand further. Paul is Cornerstone’s Founder, President, and CEO and currently sits as the Deputy Chairman of Barita Investments. Through his role, the gifted professional aims to spread financial literacy and significantly improve Jamaican economic output. Paul is the head of Cornerstone, and Cornerstone is the parent company of Barita. 

Aside from this remarkable vision, the leader has also shown an admirable commitment to his team. In fact, he was instrumental in helping improve the working conditions at Barita Investments. Under his term, increased salaries and a pivotal Employee Stock Ownership Plan were implemented. This intuitive approach not only helped enhance the living conditions of his employees, but most importantly, it served as a stepping stone that empowered other companies in Jamaica to follow suit. 

Because of its progressive strategies, the investment bank has become a top contributor in the country as well as in the Caribbean. Moreover, it continues to cement its incredible reputation through carefully selected investment projects that enrich the financial status of the region. 

Barita Investments is indeed a driving force that promotes economic prosperity in Jamaica. But, more than its extraordinary impact as a financial powerhouse, the venture is also a bonafide trailblazer that leads progress in the country. Moving forward, the enterprise intends to continue its upward trajectory and create more opportunities for its clients and employees. Furthermore, with Paul Simpson at its helm, the investment firm is expected to undergo massive expansions that will benefit the Jamaican people.

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