Discusses What One Needs to Know about the California Estate Tax Discusses What One Needs to Know about the California Estate Tax

At this time, California does not assess an estate tax when a person passes away. Individuals may assume they are free and clear in this area when nothing is further from the truth. Other taxes may be assessed after this individual’s passing, which is why estate planning is essential today. 

What is the Estate Tax?

When a person dies, their estate will be taxed prior to any disbursements being made. People often refer to this as a death tax, and it only applies to certain estates. If the estate doesn’t reach a certain threshold, the assets won’t be taxed. People must understand each state determines the estate’s taxable value. Furthermore, California Proposes Tax Increases Again With Wealth Tax. This means a person might not be subject to an inheritance tax, but they could find they are paying another tax. 

How Does the Estate Tax Differ From the Inheritance Tax?

A person might equate the estate tax with the inheritance tax. However, they are two separate things. The government imposes the estate tax before any disbursements are made. The inheritance tax is assessed after the disbursement process, and any individual who receives or inherits money may be subject to this tax. For more information, try this site

California Law

California has no estate tax. An individual who lives in California and receives an inheritance from a relative who resided in another state, however, might find they have to pay an inheritance tax. In addition, California has no gift tax, although the federal gift tax may still apply. 

A law business such as CunninghamLegal is available to answer questions about this proposed tax and what it might mean for an individual. 

Federal Estate Tax

Every individual in America is subject to the federal estate tax, although this tax is only assessed on those estates worth $11.7 million or more. This figure may change yearly, so it’s best to speak to a financial advisor to learn the value permitted before this tax will be assessed. In addition, this value is for a single person and will be doubled for couples once both parties pass away. 

California Taxes

According to, California is known for heavily taxing its residents. The state taxes pension plans and retirement accounts while leaving Social Security benefits alone. In addition, residents will pay between one and 12.3 percent of their earnings in state income taxes. Anyone making over $1 million must pay an additional one percent surtax. As a result, California has the highest marginal state tax rate in the country. 

Income tax is only one tax assessed by the state. The sales tax in California is 7.25 percent statewide, while local taxes may run as high as 2.50 percent. As with the state income tax, the state sales tax is the highest base rate in the country. However, the average personal property tax rate is only 0.73 percent. 

Work with a financial advisor to minimize the tax burden. They help clients create and update estate plans, so every person keeps the maximum amount of their wealth. With this help, a person will find they pay less in taxes and keep more of their hard-earned money. 

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