The Award-Winning Fantasy Book ‘FastFlight 540’ is Preparing Kids for Life’s Battles

The Award-Winning Fantasy Book ‘FastFlight 540’ is Preparing Kids for Life's Battles
That’s why kids are saying, “‘FastFlight 540’ is my favorite book—EVER!” They love ‘FastFlight 540’—and parents do, too! It’s been heralded by reviewers and children alike as a book that’s just plain hard to put down.

Winner of the Literary Titan Gold Book Award for its unique writing style, vivid world, complex characters, and original ideas, it has also earned a Readers’ Favorite seal. FastFlight 540 is Wonder meets Chronicles of Narnia. Just as Wonder delivers a powerful message through an entertaining story, FastFlight 540 draws readers into a world that prepares them for life’s battles. It blends hope, compassion, courage, and honor in a setting reminiscent of the classic, Chronicles of Narnia. In a world where approximately 10 percent of children have been diagnosed with anxiety according to the CDC, FastFlight 540’s motivational message has been welcomed by parents, teachers and children alike. Its impact is profound.

In this fast-paced fantasy adventure, Anslie Dawn switches places with Tucker Sullivan to help him escape his miserable life as an orphan. She’s sent to the ancient orphanage Nocturnan where she meets Xander Bump and his friends who call themselves the Mighty Men. Anslie is oddly drawn to this strange place. For the first time in her life, she’s happy—until everything is shaken, forcing her to unravel the mystery of the Ninth Garden. FastFlight 540 is loaded with plot twists and humor, but at its heart is the story of a girl who discovers her strengths alongside a group of boys on their way to becoming Mighty Men. The book also strengthens readers who join in the journey. FastFlight shows how to deal with life’s hurts with a message that both heals and inspires. It offers meaningful lessons in conquering fears while providing children with a roadmap to leadership.

FastFlight 540 is an awe-inspiring read, complete with a memorable cast of characters. Sit back, fasten your seatbelt, and prepare for a wild ride that encourages you to look deeper within yourself while following the misadventures of a girl and a group of boys on their life’s journey.

Fast Flight 540 is available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback.  

About the Author 

M.M. Mesldorf is an award-winning author who has dedicated years to researching the Bump family, including the mysterious Xander Bump who appears in the book FastFlight 540. Mesldorf has traveled the world, several planets, and beyond to bring readers this story. Unfortunately, this intrepid adventurer is directionally challenged, and as a result, ends up in far-flung places—perhaps even in your neighborhood. No matter. There is evidence that the Bumps have been there, too. And so, Mesldorf’s research continues with zeal. Wherever the Bumps have been, Mesldorf will soon follow.

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