iFlyTrade Empowers Global Travelers and Shoppers

iFlyTrade Empowers Global Travelers and Shoppers
iFlyTrade offers a seamless social networking platform to connect travelers and shoppers from different countries

iFlyTrade Inc. has recently launched its website https://iflytrade.com/ to welcome travelers and shoppers. The platform is noteworthy for international students, travel agents, e-commerce stores, and international trade businesses.

The company suggests that anyone deserves enjoying the right to access legal products they wish to consume, and the right to affordable travel around the world. iFlyTrade believes that traveling is the best connector to new people, and it aims to facilitate this with a dual purpose: Earning money while traveling or saving by shopping abroad.

Shoppers can enter their product requests addressed to travelers on their way to shoppers’ cities. Shoppers can request any legal products simply by copying and pasting the URL links of products on this website. It is expected that shoppers will do this when they cannot find those products in their home countries, or when their local market is unfairly expensive.

iFlyTrade lists most requested products at https://iflytrade.com/shop-globally Statistics show that shoppers usually request travelers to buy products like computer and music equipment, smart phones, laptops, traditional or local food items, cosmetics, watches, accessories, books, textiles, toys, vitamins, and supplements, etc.

Global shopping at iFlyTrade takes place thanks to travelers who agree to help bring requested products to their shopper friends. Therefore, iFlyTrade invites all travelers, including solo travelers, or those who prefer traveling with tours, or who fly overseas for business or vacation purposes. However, iFlyTrade is not a travel agent. It is a social network platform dedicated to global travelers and shoppers (all of whom are recognized as “iFlyTraders”).

Importantly, iFlyTrade aims to help travelers earn some extra money by sharing or “trading” some extra space in their personal luggages. Each successful connection helps a traveler buy cheaper flight tickets and visit more countries. iFlyTrade achieves this by providing travelers with a seamless website which they can subscribe for free, and simply share their flight dates and destination cities.

Communication seems to be the key for any successful iFyTrading transaction. Travelers and shoppers can text and send photos to each other through the website to make sure that both agree on the right product, the amount of traveler’s profit and the date and delivery spot. So, the traveler knows what she is going to carry in her luggage, and what she is going to earn as soon as she delivers to the shopper as agreed.

The company is based in the United States. Subscription to iFlyTrade is free of charge for both travelers and shoppers. Currently the company covers travels between and within Canada, Turkey and the United States. It aims to extend its geographical coverage to European and Asian cities within a year. More information can be found at https://iflytrade.com/

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