The correct application of the air flotation machine is critical

In the large sewage treatment equipment, before starting and using the equipment, sufficient preparations must be made so that the equipment can operate well, especially during the operation of the air floatation machine to avoid other problems. It can be applied to include Industrial wastewater, domestic wastewater, etc., professional wastewater treatment equipment manufacturers, with their own basic and technical advantages, continue to develop various types of water treatment support equipment, combined with the user’s actual situation, for reasonable installation and use, Therefore, corresponding design must also consider the standard and reference requirements for the installation and use of supporting components.

In the process of selecting the application, it should be reasonably selected according to the actual situation of the user enterprise, and the water flow should be more seamlessly connected during the use of the equipment, including the installation and use of a variety of specifications model air flotation machine, the equipment can be based on Installation and testing are carried out in real conditions, and the overall operation is carried out. Through effective combination and matching applications, and operation through modern intelligent control systems, automated operation requirements can be effectively realized.

At present, in the use or management of air flotation machines in large enterprises, if the user’s own equipment is not flexible enough and management is inconvenient, it will directly affect the overall productivity, especially the enterprise needs to consume a lot of manpower and time, so pay attention to simple and flexible operation The equipment is also the value equipment selected and used by enterprises, which effectively meets the choice and use of different users.

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