Building a Solid Base for Digital China, IP3 Technology to Invest 2.5 Billion in Global Server Market

While the new generation of information technology such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and 5G is developing rapidly, data centers as carriers of cloud computing as well as information systems have become a key infrastructure in the information technology system. At present, industry giants such as Tencent, Ali and China Mobile are building data centers through independent research and development and deep customization. According to informed sources, IP3 Technology, a well-known domestic provider of PC and multi-category intelligent terminal solutions, will invest 2.5 billion in the global server market in the next 2-3 years to provide customers with a one-stop data center solution with high technology, high computing power, high energy efficiency and high security.


In response to the prevailing problems of poor access experience and high network energy consumption in the current IDC market, IP3 Technology has integrated multiple resources to make a comprehensive layout in the field of servers and plans to launch a data centre industry ecological chain integrating strategic planning, overall design, construction and building, commissioning and verification, as well as operation and maintenance. Through the two-way integration of online and offline, data barriers are broken to complete the construction of Digital Park 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. In stage 1.0, it is mainly based on the existing building layout of the park and provides industrial clustering services for the resident enterprises. 

In stage 2.0, an offline digital server room will be established to provide sufficient and stable, energy-saving and low-carbon computing power leasing as well as hosting services for global customers. At the same time, it can be combined with super-computing centers to empower the construction of new infrastructure and smart cities in order to build a solid base for Digital China. In the 3.0 stage, meta-verse technology will be used to configure diversified virtual scenarios to complete the interactive mapping of physical and digital spaces in the park, as well as provide enterprises with digital twin virtual scenario services such as cloud meeting and cloud office, so as to achieve cross-level, cross-department and cross-territory business collaboration.


It is understood that IP3 Technology’s one-stop data center solution will be officially landed in Shanghai in Q3 2023. The first campus data sharing centre will be built and sold to the domestic and international markets in Q4, with a plan to build 10 campus data sharing centers in Shanghai within 5 years. Upon completion, it will make up for the shortcomings of data convergence in the park and provide super-computing application services for manufacturing, healthcare, finance, gaming and education industries, making Shanghai a global data centre innovation hub.

In the future, as the IP3 Technology data sharing centre in the park continues to land, it will lead to a comprehensive innovation in the upstream and downstream of the data centre industry chain. At the same time, more technology giants are expected to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industrial parks through technology empowerment to achieve informatization, digitalization and wisdom, as well as contribute to the construction of Digital China.

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