Authors Sandra Vahle & Mary Green’s New Guidebook “(Un)lovable Woman” Is For Anyone Who Likes To Celebrate Love

Recent release self-published book “(Un)lovable Woman – Switch When You’re Winning” shares the tips to enjoy your single life fully, experience new love and celebrate your current situation with a little self-deprecation.

December 16, 2022 – Friends with benefits, love-making without feelings, non-relationship – with today’s understanding of love, the next heartbreak is just around the corner. True to the motto “switch when you’re winning”, it seems like the goal for the majority is block all commitments or feelings. Has the time for love really run out? Are the romantic relationship models long outdated, while only our hearts haven’t got the message yet?

We object to this notion, and we do so with this guidebook. Even in the 21st century, you can still hope for your happily ever after and real emotions.

If you are ready to fully enjoy your single life, experience new love and celebrate your current situation with a little self-deprecation, then read – and swing when you’re winning!

Published by Amazon Publishing Hub, Sandra Vahle & Mary Green’s wondrous compilation reflects great life experiences shared through different stories and events. It is amusing, touching, and inspiring and readers will love it.

About The Authors

Sandra Vahle lives in the football city of Dortmund in Germany. In addition to writing, she is the executive director of UBI4ALL, where they give away basic income for a year, and she works on other projects like starscave, where she creates social media for other brands. Sandra loves animals, especially dogs, more than anything. Her next book will be a thriller.

Mary Green is synonymous with a very special woman. She is a very successful businesswoman and also loves animals more than anything else, especially cats.

Readers can purchase “(Un)lovable Woman – Switch When You’re Winning” at bookstores everywhere, or online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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