EyCrowd Is Taking A New Approach To Accelerating Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

The EyCrowd app utilizes the powerful marketing tool of word-of-mouth and accelerates it with the use of technology. By creating this platform, word-of-mouth marketing now has a boost to push it out to a larger group of consumers.

Word-of-mouth marketing is a tried-and-true marketing method. As one of the oldest and most effective methods, it relies on an emotional response to the recommendation of a family member, friend, or trusted person in regard to a product, service, or brand. This form of marketing can be as simple as one friend telling another how much they enjoyed the coffee at a local shop. 

Because this relies on personal communication, it can be difficult to fully utilize this powerful tool with a large group of potential consumers. The EyCrowd app is using technology to accelerate this form of marketing so that it can be used to its full potential. 

How the EyCrowd app accelerates word-of-mouth marketing

EyCrowd is a free app for consumers and brands. Customers get to rate and promote the brands running campaigns on the app with rewards for engagement, while brands and businesses get to engage on a personal level with their customers. This method of discussing a product or service takes the genuine connection of a personal recommendation and puts it out there for a much larger group of people to see. 

Instead of focusing on something like TV ads, the EyCrowd app takes the human connection found in word-of-mouth marketing and puts it onto a social media-style platform. This platform not only provides honest and genuine recommendations and reviews, but it also helps foster relationships between local businesses and local clients. 

This platform also allows brands and businesses to have a voice and a space on the app. Instead of being separated from the community, the brands are part of it and can have real relationships with their customers through their incentivizing campaigns. 

The deep connection the EyCrowd app creates between consumers, brands, and each other takes word-of-mouth marketing to a new level. The unique platform is built on the values of word-of-mouth marketing through emotional connection and personal relationships in a way that expands the community for brands and consumers. 

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