The JLT VERSO Series has been validated as “Navis Ready”

The JLT VERSO Series has been validated as "Navis Ready"
The JLT VERSO Series has been validated as “Navis Ready” for the latest version of the Navis N4 terminal operating system.

Since the 1990s, JLT has been designing rugged PCs for the military, emergency services, field service, construction, logistics, transportation, forestry, industrial automation, mining, public safety, and other organisations. Mobexx is a shop for all your Rugged, ATEX, and Medical mobile computing needs, including Tablets, Fixed PC and Displays, mobile computers, PDAs, and handheld devices. 

The Navis Ready JLT VERSO computers are validated to run the most demanding port applications with ease. They are available in a range of different screen sizes and feature Intel® Core™ i3 or i7 processors. 

The rugged, high-performance vehicle-mount computer series mentioned below has been revalidated for use with the premier port and terminal operating system. 

VERSO Series of high-performance Vehicle Mounted Terminals (VMTs) 

Växjö, Sweden, on 15 November 2022, a leading developer of reliable computing solutions for demanding environments-JLT Mobile Computers, is pleased to announce that its VERSO Series of high-performance vehicle-mounted terminals (VMTs) has passed Navis Ready Validation for the latest version of the Navis N4 terminal operating system (TOS). The validation confirms that the JLT VERSO Series, which was designed specifically for use in harsh environments, is the ideal mobile IT platform for highly demanding port operations around the world. 

Kaleris’ Navis brand provides best-in-class port, terminal, carrier, and vessel solutions. Kaleris, a leading cloud-based supply chain execution, and visibility technology provider, provides a global platform that unlocks operational data, connects workflows, and improves visibility to improve the entire shipment lifecycle. The Navis brand technology is critical in connecting the busiest nodes in the global supply chain to the Kaleris platform. 

This revalidation announcement extends JLT’s long-standing partnership with the Navis Ready Program, which began in 2015 and was reinforced in 2019 when JLT became the first hardware provider to ensure that its rugged computers for the port segment would be independently verified for use with major upcoming Navis N4 TOS releases for the next five years. Customers will feel more secure and confident when purchasing JLT terminals for their Navis system because of this. 

“This validation ensures that clients can purchase and engage with different suppliers with confidence knowing that the majority of the integration work has been completed,” according to the Navis report. The data in the Navis Ready Validation report assist customers in determining the seamless integration achieved and what is possible with a vendor. 

JLT provides dependable performance with minimal effort.

Leading companies all over the world to rely on JLT for the most dependable and high-performing rugged devices available. However, we are much more than just a supplier. We are a partner who will assist you at every stage of the process, from device selection to system design, integration, and ongoing support. Our expert knowledge and proactive services will keep you always running effectively. 

Benefits of JLT Mobile Computers? 

  • Every detail is of high quality:

With our engineering and manufacturing facilities, we have complete control over the production process from start to finish. 

  • We understand rugged:

We have set the standard in rugged computing with our 25 years of experience developing and manufacturing rugged IT. 

  • Excellent assistance:

We always go above and beyond to meet your needs and ensure the high quality of every delivery. 

As an experienced provider of rugged IT solutions for the port environment, JLT has also committed significant resources to those in need of assistance and support in the port sector, including the popular Port Guide: Five ways to make IT your port’s hero, not its headache, which can be downloaded for free. 

Visit our website to learn more about JLT Mobile Computers, its products, and solutions. Mobexx is JLT’s UK Partner, supplying and supporting customers and partners throughout the UK and Ireland with its products and services.

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