Teri Fahey Launches ‘Letters to God’s Children’ Sharing How Her Spiritual Path Unfolded

Teri Fahey shares her unique spiritual journey in her newly launched book entitled ‘Letters to God’s Children’ hoping to share peace and joy for all to enjoy.  

From the Midwestern United States, Teri Fahey is a mother and grandmother who spent over twenty-five years in the corporate world, assisting executives and CEOs. Apart from being a professional figure in the corporate world, Teri Fahey began her spiritual journey at nine years old and gathered information along the way.

During the early years, Teri Fahey asked God whether she could make a difference in the world and got her answers through prayer. In the book, she shares her beliefs and experiences while encouraging readers to seek their own place in the world, their piece of the grand puzzle. Right after being published, the book started gaining positive feedback from readers due to the author’s inspiring and eye-opening spiritual journey, motivating the readers to connect with God on a deeper level.  

“Are you a saint or a sinner? Or maybe-like all of us-you’re a little bit of both. Our lives and journeys are unique and complex, and rarely does any one of us fit into a neat little category. In Letters to God’s Children, I have shared how my path unfolded, offering an easy-to-read, uplifting message packed with powerful spiritual resources. Using some of the spiritual resources shared, you too can figure out what that difference could mean in your own life,” says Teri Fahey.  

Apart from encouraging people to understand their purpose in life, Teri Fahey has written this book to help people find peace while understanding that they are an essential and necessary part of God’s plan for humankind. A message to recognize the light of God’s love within one’s heart has enabled the book to get much attention and fame in various parts of the world. Pen Culture Solutions has published this book and it is currently running as one of the year’s top-selling stories and inspiring books.

“All things will become one, all things will become new, and our new earth will shine. May Letters to God’s Children help you prepare and find peace and love to fill your heart and home,” adds Teri Fahey.  

For more information related to the book, click on the website https://terifaheyletters.com/

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