FormulaGenerator Uses GPT To Make Users’ Lives Easier with Spreadsheets

Anyone who struggles with understanding formulas in Excel or Google Sheets can put their concerns behind them with the release of FormulaGenerator. Learn to develop and understand spreadsheet formulas efficiently with GPT3.

Creating and properly understanding formulas in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets can be confusing, but the release of a new app, FormulaGenerator, can make it easy to write and understand spreadsheet formulas. From generating complex formulas, regex expressions, and SQL queries to providing step-by-step instructions on Excel how-tos, FormulaGenerator’s AI makes spreadsheets simple.

“Formula Generator is a one-stop solution to your spreadsheet problems,” app creators said. 

Easy creation of complex formulas

The intuitive FormulaGenerator interface allows users to enter text instructions, such as “Count the number of rows in cells A2:B20 with a value greater than 20.” The tool will automatically generate the appropriate formula.

“Our app can create formulas from text descriptions, explain complex formulas in simple words, and answer questions about spreadsheets,” FormulaGenerator founders said.

In addition, if users encounter formulas they don’t understand, the Explain Formula feature of Formula Generator offers simplified explanations. Learn how a formula works and how to use it in a spreadsheet properly.

“Simply enter the formula as input and get an easy-to-understand explanation for it,” company representatives said. 

GPT3 powered question-and-answer experience

“Let’s be honest. To find a simple answer on a search engine, one has to browse through multiple websites and get bombarded with ads to eventually find what you’re looking for,” FormulaGenerator founders said.

FormulaGenerator delivers an unrestricted question-and-answer experience for users with its GPT3-powered AnswersBotfeature. For example, if users ask a question like “How to remove duplicates in excel”, FormulaGenerator lets them skip the agony of pouring through ambiguous or unreliable search results and get quick, accurate step-by-step answers that fit the context and save time.

“After a successful web app launch, we are looking forward to releasing our Google Sheets Add-on that will enable our users to directly run generated formulas from Sheets,” FormulaGenerator creators announced. 


Visit the FormulaGenerator website to try it for free. Customers have left overwhelmingly positive reviews, praising the convenience and accuracy built into the FormulaGenerator app.

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