Geoff McCue’s New Book, “The Past Speaks,” is a Beautiful Story that Challenges the Idea of Success and Making Progress

In his debut novel, “The Past Speaks,” Geoff McCue guides readers on a journey of reevaluation and redefinition of success, offering a unique perspective on the concept of failure

Geoff McCue, a retired salesman and entrepreneur is pleased to announce the launch of his debut novel “The Past Speaks.” The 217 pages of pure fiction is guaranteed to help readers cultivate and understand a new idea of ‘progress,’ one that encourages the reader to improve their human condition by improving themselves. Geoff’s new book is based on technology and it is aimed at proving how man’s negligence of technological downsides could be a blessing or curse.

“We make the mistake of assuming that technology is always great,” said Geoff McCue. “No matter what, it always improves the human condition. We think that even if a piece of technology has a downside, then those downsides can be managed or are negligible. Our entire understanding of ‘progress’ lies in technology because of how integral we think it is to improve our state. However, this novel will make you re-imagine this common frame.”

Along the lines of such films as “Sneakers”, “Enemy of the State” and “Three days of the Condor”, this book follows the life of Martin Clement, an electronics tech who realizes that sound waves continue to bounce in enclosed spaces and discovers a way to recover them as conversations from the past. Collaborating with a team he puts together, they embark on building such a device. As luck would have it, they have no luck. Then an accident leads the way to success. After proving its functionality, they file for a patent, which is then leaked by the patent examiner and opens a unique series of unforeseen and sometimes deadly circumstances.  All of a sudden, Governments, Corporations and the Miliary are involved in a deadly cat and mouse.  They must protect the device from falling in the wrong hands while protecting themselves as well!

Geoff’s new book is an action-packed story, filled with adventure, intrigue, romance, and tragedy. The author expertly pieces every detail together to drive home the fact that technology is not always great. Even though technology is promising, it sustains the tendency to create more problems than solutions. Geoff emphasizes it is not just a matter of ethical use as there might genuinely be some things that are best left un-invented.

The Past Speaks will help readers understand a new idea of ‘progress,’ one that encourages the reader to improve their human condition by improving themselves. “Not that technology is inherently bad, just be sure you are not a slave to it,” said Geoff McCue. “Rise above it, and learn when to reject it. Once you do that, you will have truly liberated yourself from the confines of our highly tech-oriented world, and you will grant yourself the chance to choose for yourself.”

Although the book was completed in 2019, due to his wife’s sickness and passing, Geoff is making it available to the public this year. To get “The Past Speaks,” please visit

About Geoff McCue

Geoff McCue was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, before moving to Kansas. He had seven brothers and three sisters, so his early life was always an adventure. He has been a tinkerer and inventor for as long as he can remember. He spent his early childhood taking things apart to see what makes them tick, but was rarely successful in putting them back together!  With a degree in business, he set off into the world of marketing and sales.  He was also successful in inventing.  The idea for this book has been with him most of his adult life.  While promoted as fiction, could it be plausible??

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