Mary C. Fahey’s Romantic Comedy “Thanksgiving” is Set to Become Feature Film

Jan 17, 2023 – The journey from writing to production can be an arduous process, as screenplay writer and producer, Mary C. Fahey, knows very well. Her upcoming feature film, “Thanksgiving,” is a romantic comedy that’s coming to fruition after 15 years of rewrites.

Fahey is a divorce attorney with a talent for writing comedy and believable characters. “Thanksgiving” is a classic love story that takes place in the Poconos Mountains between a truck driver and a litigation attorney. The film is currently in pre-production, with production scheduled to begin in Dec. 2023. Roles are being cast and the production crew selected. Fahey is executive producer of the endeavor.

Fahey attended Sherwood Oaks College, founded by screenwriting instructor, Dan Decker, known for producing some of the most talented writers of modern times. She mentored under Decker, who fostered her talent and potential beginning in 2005.

Her efforts were influenced by Gary Shusett, known for his episodic work that includes “Supergirl” and the web series “Moonbound24,” along with his brother, Ronald Shusett, of “Alien” and “Total Recall” fame. Fahey is also a great admirer of writer, director and producer, Shane Black, who proved to be a deep well of advice. All three provided her with technical knowledge.

Fahey has always had a love of films and is the founder of Twilit Media “Media that changes minds.” The name pays homage to past, present and future filmmakers who tell meaningful stories. Fahey has two other upcoming films in the works. The first is “Role Reversal,” a drama with production anticipated to begin in June 2024. The second is “Operation Lily Girl,” an action film currently undergoing rewrites.

As tenacious in her writing as she is when defending clients, the feature film “Thanksgiving” is a project Fahey was determined to see through to completion. Her dream is now coming true and will be available for all to see on the big screen.

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