Automatus Is Changing The Game For Businesses Everywhere By Leveraging AI To Pair A Powerful CRM

With automated daily processes and the best features from over 600 commonly used business applications, Automatus saves businesses time and money. Not only can businesses spend less time on everyday tasks, but they can also see increases in sales and customer retention.

Many businesses find themselves in an endless cycle of using numerous different applications to complete daily tasks that take up too much time. Employees manually going through reviews, payments, calendars, and more end up taking hours for each person and costing valuable time and money. With all of this time spent on administrative tasks, there’s no time for employees to complete activities like customer relationship management that could grow sales and aid in customer retention.  

This common issue doesn’t need to happen when businesses utilize Automatus. Automatus combines the functionality of more than 600 business applications, automating much of the process to save time and money. Not only that, but they can also help automate things like customer relationship management and grow a business without hiring more help. 

The outstanding features of Automatus 

Automatus is the number one tool for businesses to automate processes and complete CRM or customer relationship management. This business automation system is proven to cut costs on these processes by more than 80%, saving employees time and business’s a great deal of money.  

Automatus handles reviews and rating management to help improve those averages and a company’s overall reputation. It manages calendar appointments by allowing potential clients to book their appointments without the need for a middleman or time on the part of an employee. Communication is collected in real-time across multiple platforms, aiding customer retention and raising a company’s reviews and ratings. 

It utilizes cloud technology, so employees don’t have to be tied to a desk to get work done, and it automates many processes to save even more time. Automatus even sends texts to clients when their calls are missed to ensure they feel seen and heard when they’re trying to reach out to a business. Payment is even handled easily with Automatus’s text-to-pay system.  

Automatus is so powerful it renders most software subscriptions useless, helping users to save up to $110,000 in yearly subscription fees.

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