Enrollio Accelerates Enrollment for Dance Studios, Swim Schools, and Other After-School Programs

This company is the #1 growth and reputation accelerator for various after-school programs that automate tasks and improve communication with clients.

There are several studios and after-school classes that offer excellent programs and have some of the best instructors around, but still, fail to increase their enrollment numbers or create a top-notch reputation. This could be due to a variety of reasons including not having the infrastructure in place to be seen and contacted by potential students, failing to respond to inquiries and leads, or not having the means and platform to communicate with potential and existing clients. All these reasons could greatly affect a student’s experience and turn off potential students. Enrollio, an all-in-one studio assistant for growth, could solve all of these problems and more.

“Built by studio owners for studio owners,” Enrollio not only enhances communication with students and families, but it also automates various mundane tasks that actually help provide a great experience to existing clientele. With Enrollio, studios can text families all in one place and automatically text back missed calls. It lets studios replace their old website and get more potential clients with its chat widget, plus automatically follow up with website visitors. Enrollio also automates forms and waivers and sends families one-time text invoices. Other helpful features of Enrollio include an email builder, social media planner, lead form automation and so much more.

To sign up or to know more about Enrollio, visit https://enrollio.ai/.

About Enrollio

Developed by Brad Bingham, Enrollio is the number one growth and reputation accelerator for dance studios, swim schools, and after-school programs. Enrollio helps studio owners worldwide capture more website enrollments, reduce task load, and elevate brand reputation almost entirely on auto-pilot.

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