CEO, Founder, And Entrepreneur Joseph Rutakangwa Is Set To Release His Motivational Self-Help Book “Negative To Zero”

The founder and CEO of Rwazi in Los Angeles will be releasing his first book at the end of this month to share his story. This highly experienced entrepreneur wants to provide the tools to everyone to bring themselves into a new state of mind and success.

Joseph Rutakangwa knows what it’s like to lose everything and have to build his life back up again from scratch. This self-made entrepreneur had to rebuild from extreme poverty and is now running a market intelligence company called Rwazi while advising numerous startup companies across a wide variety of fields. 

This award-winning businessman is passionate about utilizing gig work to aid in reducing the high unemployment rates in developing countries, as well as helping push startups and small businesses forward into the same success he brought to Rwazi.  

At the end of this month, he’ll be releasing a motivational self-help book that shares not only his powerful story but also the tools one needs to see the same mindset journey he has undergone to get where he’s at.  

Negative to Zero 

Releasing on January 26th, Negative to Zero was written from a place of inspiration from author Joseph Rutakangwa’s life. He went from a place of wealth to extreme poverty when he lost everything. In order to build himself back up, he had to change his mindset and change his approach to life.  

His reference to the negative isn’t representative of one’s bank account but rather not being aware of oneself or the forces and influences that surround them. Without this awareness, success in life and business becomes very difficult.  

The zero half of the title is that moment and state of mind when one is truly and fully aware of themselves and what is around them. It is only at this point that one can find true success and begin to grow.  

Negative to Zero goes through Joseph Rutakangwa’s philosophy on how to get to this point and how to begin working towards it. With the release date only a few days away, this book promises to be the self-help book that can benefit anyone.  

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