Zach Jalbert Brings Technical Marketing and E-Commerce Experience To Sales Focused Businesses

Zach Jalbert Brings Technical Marketing and E-Commerce Experience To Sales Focused Businesses

Zach Jalbert, a driven marketing technology expert with a proven track record in e-commerce, launched his company Tekenterprise in February of 2022. After a decade of developing websites and solving technical issues for growing organizations, he sensed an opportunity; something was missing. The importance of thinking through automation logistics and auditing pain points of digital strategy often required communication between departments, executives, and management. Bridging technology gaps for business leaders was a continual problem for almost all projects. Not only was there a need for technical planning, but also providing data analysis in a clear way that small business owners could act. This solidified a vision for what marketing  leadership at the enterprise level required and instilled a unique, simple philosophy for translating the evolving standards of online sales. Armed with a humble approach to online sales his work has paid dividends for organizations of all sizes. CEO’s, marketing managers, and sales teams would benefit from fully integrated marketing efforts.

While he continually encourages business owners and marketers not to be intimidated by the abundance of options available, his practical advice is to focus on creating unique digital experiences without neglecting the trustworthiness of proven methods first. Zach’s work at Tekenterprise is guided by a promise that marketing technology shouldn’t be complicated. Spending years freelancing and sharpening his consulting skills in the San Francisco Bay Area would help Jalbert land opportunities to handle website operations for local businesses and global enterprises. He would become an asset for companies needing guidance on online management and e-commerce platform development at a time when best practices were rapidly changing. 

While the world of online sales has continually innovated, his 10 years of work in marketing technology has led him to break ground for many pivoting to digital channels. Utilizing a strong understanding of what customers need from start to finish online, no job is too big or small. The basis of his approach to developing and auditing online sales plans remains unchanged; he focuses on how well a company’s online assets serve customers. Despite the proliferation of new software options every year, there is no substitute for taking extraordinary care of customer experience on all fronts.

With this in mind, Jalbert has built his services to focus on challenging the status quo of marketing and automation. He is grateful to be a lighthouse for companies surveying countless software solutions when it matters most. “The overwhelming number of solutions creates equal opportunity and chaos for new businesses. Navigating options can be a challenge in itself.” Past clients aren’t shy either, his unique and accessible approach sets him apart in the industry. His passion to make the complexities of technology more simple help him drive initiatives and achieve big results for niche businesses and organizations.

His track record of helping companies deliver big results quickly is grounded in translating concepts and putting everyone in control. The skills of high-level marketing strategies are nothing without clear communication, empowering all to feel confident with technology in their own way is paramount. His ability to translate high level processes to all has benefited a wide range of professionals including CEOs, CMOs, and seasoned marketing creatives. By creating resources, coaching, and partnering with companies to build online tools that simplify complicated analysis, he hopes to move every company confidently into the future.

Business owners and managers need the right expertise to grow their client base, and Jalbert is well-equipped to provide guidance. He hopes to connect with corporations to help market products and services making a positive impact on the world. Zach’s passion for business allows companies to focus on what matters most, inspiring potential customers using marketing and sales technology.

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