The World’s Top Forex Demo Trading Contest Will Take Place with $100,000 Prize

As a leading pioneer in the financial industry, WikiGlobal has been developing steadily for many years, operating business in more than 200 countries and regions across five continents around the world. WikiGlobal, which spurs with long accumulation, will hold the first Forex Demo Trading World Championship in 2023, which attracts global participants from more than 70 countries and regions relying on the tremendous industry influence and appeal. As of the press release, the total number of people who registered for the contest has reached 13,000. In addition, the competition provides rich cash awards for participants, with a total amount of up to $100,000, which has become a strong incentive to attract plenty of top players to participate.

It is reported that the two-month WikiGlobal Forex Demo Trading World Championship is officially opened for registration on February 1, and the contest will last until the award ceremony in mid-April. Participants can register from February through March, and March will see the whole official match. Novice users who are interested in Forex, Futures or Blockchain trading and professional veteran users can download and install WikiFX APP or WikiBit APP to participate in the contest and experience CFD trading free of charge.

Experiencing trading strength and strategy with top players

Since 2022, the complicated international political and economic situation has further stimulated the volatility index of the international financial market, injecting impetus into the forex market. At this moment, WikiGlobal Forex Demo Trading World Championship is organized to provide global participants with the opportunity to gain real trading experience in simulated trading. The competition also creates a world stage for the outstanding traders to show their trading ability and strength and share more high-quality trading strategies.

During the Demo Trading World Championship, participants are able to trade with real-time quotations and data in a holo-authentic simulation environment, where the professional market charts and indicators enable participants to execute trading strategies effectively. In addition, they can improve their trading skills through viewing the real-time rankings of players in homepage and learning the trading strategies of experts, and compete for by in the World Championship rankings.

Winning $100,000 prize and the benefit of global live streaming

The charm of forex trading may not lie in the level of entry threshold, but in the pleasure of participating in the competition, as well as more possibility of obtaining rich returns. The top five players in this year’s demo trading contest will share a cash prize of $100,000 and win three opportunities to enjoy global live broadcasting provided by WikiGlobal. It is worth noting that the champion of the competition will win $30,000, becoming the real king who wins money in and out of the game. In addition, all participants who rank top 100 can get 1,000 gold coins provided by the organizers, which can be redeemed for WikiFX VIP and VPS and also be used to purchase forex EA strategies and broker research reports offered by WikiFX.

Prize distribution:

1st Prize:  $60,000

2nd Prize:  $30,000

3rd Prize:  $5,000

4th Prize:  $2,000

5th Prize:  $1,000

6th-100th Prize:  1,000 WikiFX gold coins

Free demo trading platform with perfect CFD trading experience

WikiTrade, a brand new forex demo trading platform, will be released together with the first Demo Trading World Championship. And users are allowed to enjoy a fresh, pleasant, easy, and smooth trading experience from its simple and intuitive interface design.

Importantly, WikiTrade’s features like accurate quotations and refusal of slippage are the core indicators favored by users in the demo trading platform market, getting rid of users’ concerns about trading.

Users are inevitably worried about losing money when executing new trading strategies directly in the forex market. However, the trading contest with a demo account can effectively remove their concern. After registration, participants can open an account with an initial trading capital of $1 million, having more opportunities to optimize their own trading strategies during the competition without the fear of losing real money.

WikiGlobal brands matrix with powerful WikiFX

Founded in 2017, WikiGlobal is the world’s first financial data technology enterprise, headquartered in Singapore, boasting many brands including WikiFX, WikiBit, WikiResearch, WikiEXPO, WikiFX Cloud, and others. Since its establishment, WikiGlobal has always been adhering to authentic, reliable, and comprehensive industry standards to help enterprises and users establish effective connections. WikiGlobal manages data of over 200 million businesses in more than 200 countries across five continents around the world in 16 languages.

As an important brand of WikiGlobal, WikiFX comprehensively analyzes the business, official website, server, license, and trading environment of brokers through big data, and effectively identifies the qualifications and reliability of brokers via field surveys conducted by specialists. Participants can search the basic information of brokers, regulatory licenses, and relatively fair and objective credit evaluation and appraisal ratings through WikiFX. This information can be regarded as a valuable reference for selecting a broker. In addition, complete and accurate market data and authoritative real-time market quotations are also professional tools for traders to easily plan their trading strategies.

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